Happy Friday and paw problems

Hey guys!

Happy Friday!  I have off of work today, so I am very happy to have a 3 day weekend.

Please keep my little hunny in your thoughts today . He has to have anesthesia to get x-rays done and get his paw closely examined to find out why he hasn’t been able to walk on it for the last 3 weeks.  Bosco has been limping on his back left paw for weeks and now  he won’t walk on it at all.  We thought it was just his allergies (since he has limped before due to allergies around this time of year), but we finally took him to the vet when it seemed to only get worse, and the vet said x-rays need to be done to determine the cause.

Pat and I dropped him off at 8:30 this morning. The vet will need to do bloodwork before they give him anesthesia, wait for it to come back, and then they will do x-rays to see what is going on. The vet seems to believe it is either a torn ligament (like a torn ACL  in humans) or arthritis.  My baby had to fast since 8 PM last night, and likely won’t be able to go home until sometime after 3 PM. The actual process of taking the x-rays will only take 1/2 hr., but it takes time to do the bloodwork, wait for it to come back, do the x-rays, and then wait for him to come out of the anesthesia.


I feel so sorry for him and can’t wait until we can get him all fixed.

After we dropped Bosco off this AM, I went food shopping to get it out of the way for the weekend.  I then came home, ate breakfast, did some laundry (including new sheets we just bought last weekend – woohoo!), went to the gym, and I just got out of the shower.

As for the rest of the day, I want to make a trip to Target to stock up on some protein bars (and I am sure 1000 other things I will see when I am there), read more of my book, and wait until we are able to pick up my love from the vet later.

I saw this earlier this week and thought it was hilarious (and SO true!).



Enjoy the rest of your day!

Weekend Snapshots


mint & chocolate ——> yes, please


love me some chickpeas


peanut butter lovin’


cutest little boy ever


aahh, Trader Joe’s .. you’ve made me fall even more in love with you


messy hair, don’t care


first car wash of the season


lookin’ cute


Cookie Dough iced coffee —-> absolutely DELICIOUS


finally found these – woohoo!


new book to read


Well that’s a new spot to lay (inside of the coffee table). My little hunny is so uncomfortable with arthritis / a torn ligament and only seems to want to lay on hard surfaces. 

Weekend Recap


After work, Pat and I took the train to NYC for the Billy Joel concert.  When we got to NYC, we HAD to get some pizza first. Let me tell you, it was DELICIOUS. We then walked over to the concert.  Funny little story: Our tickets had a B next to the seat section. When we got into the concert and were told where our seats were, an older guy told Pat, “B stands for bar stool”, to which Pat laughed and said, “oh yeah, do they come with a bar too?”. They both laughed and we proceeded to our seats, which were BAR STOOLS!!  (You will see a picture below.)  I have NEVER been to a concert where some of the seats were bar stools.  I think everyone that was in our section questioned if they were really our seats and if they were in the right area because they never heard of it either.  I must say though, we really liked the seats. For one, we didn’t have to constantly get up to let people by to go to the bathroom, like you often do in concerts. Also, we had a little bar like table in front of us to rest drinks on, and there was a bar with drinks and food right behind us with no line.  I would definitely sit in a section like that again.

The concert was AWESOME!!    At one point in the show, AC/DC came on stage with Billy Joel!!

You can watch a video of it here:


As with every other Billy Joel concert I have been to, it was a great time.

We took the 11:18 train back to NJ, which got us back to NJ at 12:40 or so.  We then had a 20 min. ride home from the train station.  On the way home, we stopped at Dunkin Donuts because I had wanted a coffee from there all night. So many people always say that can’t have coffee after a certain time at night or they aren’t able to sleep.. NOT this girl!  :-)  I can drink coffee shortly before bed and have no problem at all going to sleep. Then again, I never really drink coffee to wake me up, I just drink it because I like the taste.







morning walk with Bosco


got my nails done (same as last week)


pizza for lunch

Hibachi dinner with friends




breakfast – sausage, egg, & cheese sandwich and Vanilla Chai (which was FREE since I never redeemed my free Birthday drink last month!)


food shopping

roasted asparagus and tomatoes for the week




Tell me something about your weekend!

Three Things Thursday

Hey guys!

Happy Thursday!  How has your week been so far?

1- The other night I made spaghetti squash topped with freshly roasted cherry tomatoes for dinner.  It was DELICIOUS!!  I really need to make this more often.


2- I just bought this face mask after seeing so many rave reviews about it and I can’t wait to try it.


3- Pat and I are going to see Billy Joel in NY on Fri. and I am so excited.  I have seen Billy Joel in concert several times before and he always puts on such a great show.


Have a great day!!

Tell me 3 things going on in your life!