Weekend Happenings – (Shih Tzu paws and lots of yummy food)

Hey guys!

I just wanted to pop in and share a little recap of our weekend.

On Saturday morning I made breakfast for Pat (this NEEDS to be documented). :-) I made him some scrambled eggs with cheddar, turkey bacon, and a buttered muffin.  When we were done with breakfast, we ran a few errands and then took Bosco to the vet. Earlier this week Bosco started limping. We didn’t think much of it since he has had problems with his knee (a torn ACL), and has also limped in the past when the skin around his paws was irritated from his allergies. Over the last few days the limping got worse though, to the point he didn’t even want to walk on one of his paws and he needed to be carried outside every time he had to go to the bathroom.

The vet looked at his paw (which Bosco was NOT very happy about) and said it could be a few things – a fractured toe, a cyst, infection from a foreign body in his paw, or a tumor. They took x-rays and determined that he did not have a fractured toe (which was in a way what I wanted it to be, because at least it wouldn’t be a tumor). The vet gave him a shot of antibiotics and wants us to soak Bosco’s paw in Epsom salt 2 x / day for 2 weeks. She said if it is a cyst or foreign body in Bosco’s paw, the Epsom salt should be able to draw it out over 2 weeks. If it does not, he may need surgery to remove the bump and have a biopsy done. We were told the only downside to waiting 2 weeks to see if it will burst is that if it gets bigger, it may not be able to just be removed by surgery and he could need to have one of his toes amputated as well. The vet said that it may not come to that but just wanted to make us aware of a situation that could happen (and she also said dogs only really need 2 toes for balance and adjust well to amputation of just a toe).


It was hard to find something that was not too big to soak his paw in. I finally decided on a bread pan and it worked great – not too big and the bottom was flat so he could comfortably rest it while he soaked.

So, it was not the best outcome we could have received at the vet appt., but we are going to be very diligent to soak his paw every day to try to help burst the bump. Bosco was obviously not crazy about his required treatment, but he has handled it pretty well so far. I will say that those 15 mins. go by SUPER slow though (for him and us!). I just want my baby to get better – it makes me so sad when he is not feeling well or in pain.


As you can see from Bosco’s face, paw soaking is obviously very tiring. :-)

Saturday night we went out to dinner with my mom, sister, and Nick to celebrate my mom’s birthday.


We went to a restaurant near my mom’s house and our dinner was so delicious. We got a bunch of appetizers to share and I got Picadinho A Chefe (shrimp and beef Sautéed in white wine, garlic, cilantro sauce, topped with pickled vegetables and potatoes) as my dinner.


FYI – Pat’s new favorite thing to do is photobomb any and all pictures. :-)

We went back to my mom’s house after dinner to hang out for a few hrs. My sister asked us to bring our wedding video with us so she could show it to Nick and that was what we watched for most of the night. I can’t believe May will be our 10th Anniversary already!!

Sunday morning was spent doing some things around the house – I cleaned the bathroom, vacuumed, did laundry, and started some chicken in the crock pot all before Pat and Bosco even got up. After they were up, it was time for some coffee and bagels.

But first, we took a family selfie. :-)


I got a sesame bagel with egg, cheddar (because cheddar is better) and a hash brown on it … FYI – if you’ve never had a hash brown on a bagel, doooooo it!


The rest of the day included some reading, tending to our little patient, a visit from a realtor that wanted to preview our house, and some house hunting online.

Pat went for a run in the afternoon and after he got home, we went out for a late lunch.


Pat got a pizza with bacon and I got a cheesesteak pizza. I wanted to get something different and since I never had that before, that was what I decided on. I thought it was delicious and was happy with my choice. :-)

Now we’re home, just hanging out on the couch. Since we ate lunch so late, I don’t think we are going to really have much for dinner, but Pat has been informed that sundaes are on the agenda for later tonight (you know, to round out our weekend of such healthy eating). :-)


What was the best part of your weekend? Please tell me I was not the only one that ate 1083092093000 calories this weekend. :-)

Some Favorites of Lately

Hey guys!

Happy Tuesday! Today I wanted to share some things I have been loving lately. So let’s get right to it, shall we?

iCoffee Coffee Maker


I have had this coffee maker for about a month now and can say I LOVE it! It makes great tasting coffee, has many options for the amount of coffee you want to brew, and it looks pretty too! I am so happy with it and glad that I bought it. The first Keurig that I had lasted for many years, but after it broke and was replaced, I had nothing but problems with them. It seems like maybe the newer models are not made as great as they once were.  I love the iCoffee machine and definitely recommend it!

philosophy fresh cream lotion


I have had this lotion for a while now, but just recently remembered how much I love it. The smell is unbelievable and it is super hydrating.  I use it every single day lately and actually just ordered another one so I never run out!



You know I couldn’t have a favorites post and not mention my favorite little buddy ever, right? Bosco is my favorite all day, every day. I took this picture because someone was apparently not happy with the way I made the bed this morning, so he took matters into his own hands (paws). :-)

Halo Top Ice Cream


I am OBSESSED with this ice cream. I had heard a lot about it on blogs and Instagram but never tried it until recently. It is low-calorie, high-protein, and low-sugar, and absolutely DELICIOUS.  It has been my nightly snack for the last few weeks and to me it tastes just as delicious as regular full fat ice cream. The only food store near me that seems to carry it is Wegmans. The closest Wegmans to my house is about 20 mins. away, but you better believe that I made a trip there last weekend specifically just to get several pints of the Vanilla Bean flavor. Trust me and go get some for yourselves .. you can thank me later.

Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner


This is the first high end line of shampoo or conditioner that I have ever bought. I have always just used drugstore brands and never had a problem, even when my hair was platinum blonde. Lately my hair started to look quite brassy, so I decided to look into shampoo and conditioner made specifically for blonde hair. I saw this was highly recommended on a blog that I read, so I decided to give it a shot. The verdict – I LOVE it! Even though it is expensive, it smells awesome, it helped reduce brassiness, it leaves my hair super soft and hydrated, and a little goes a long way so I think it will last me a really long time. I think sometimes you get what you pay for, and in this case, I am willing to pay a bit more when I notice a difference compared to cheaper brands.


So, those are some of my recent favorites.  What have you been loving lately?


Weekend Snapshots

Hey guys!

After being in the house for a full week recovering from my surgery, it was nice to get out of the house a bit this weekend.

My sister and her boyfriend had a Halloween party last night. Pat and I had a great time (and LOTS of yummy food!).

Here are a few snapshots from our weekend:


by all means, Bosco – you just make yourself comfy on my pillow … of course I don’t mind your furry booty pressed up against it :-)


grilled chicken wrap with avocado – mmm!


some of Nick’s friends




My sister and Katie


some of the food


more food


my sister and her friends


Katie and Chris


my sister and her friends


sisters!!! :-)


my sexy hubby


Pat and I


Pat and I


cookies that I made for the party


my sister and her caramel martinis (which were DELICIOUS!!)


the lovely and handsome Mr. Bosco


get your orders in now for your very own Bosco pillow .. they are sure to sell out fast! :-)


peanut butter cup smoothie


another look at the new nose  and a look

The Big Reveal :-)

Hey guys!

Today marked one week since my rhinoplasty. It was also the first time I was able to see what my nose looked like underneath the bandage that I had on for the last week.

I took one last before picture before I left for my appt. with my Dr. this morning.


I think I was more nervous to finally see my new nose than I was for the actual surgery! I have to say that the recovery from the surgery was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Was I uncomfortable? Of course, but I did not feel the slightest bit of pain all week.  I had a considerable amount of bruising and swelling and I obviously could not breathe through my nose, but I was just thankful that I was not in pain whatsoever. I am still a little bruised and swollen but I am finally able to breathe out of my nose again, I no longer have the bandage on, and I can finally wash my hair (woohoo!!!). I could not get the bandage wet for a week, so I took a bath every day since the surgery rather than a shower and just used dry shampoo in my hair. I have to say that the Amika dry shampoo that I used worked really well, but it is still not the same as an actual wash (especially after a week!).

The Dr. said my nose looked great. He took out my stitches, cleaned up some of the the dried blood around my nose, and took the splint off. He also made me blow my nose for the first time in a week.

So enough chit chat.  Are you guys ready to see my nose?? It is still a little swollen, especially at the top, but I will share a few pictures anyway.



The above 2 pictures were taken right after I walked out of the Dr.’s office. (Please ignore my greasy looking hair and let me remind you that it was not washed for a week.) :-)


I am very happy with my new nose.  Overall, I got the results that I wanted – the bump is no longer there yet I feel like I still look like ME.

What do you guys think? Be honest!

Surgery update

Hey guys!

Thank you all for your sweet comments yesterday! :-)

My surgery went really well. Pat and I arrived at the surgery center at about 6:45 AM. They got me comfortable in my own surgery preparation room (complete with a TV, recliner, and nice, warm blanket that they covered me with), while they got my IV set up and I changed into a gown. As I said before, I have wanted to get this surgery done for as long as I can remember, so I really wasn’t nervous at all. My biggest concern was actually if I would be nauseous after surgery from the anesthesia.  While I have only had anesthesia a few times ever, I have been known to get nauseous and vomit from it. The last thing I wanted to do was throw up after I just had work done on my nose, or when Pat and I had over an hr. drive home. I met with the anesthesiologist and let him know my concerns. He put a patch behind my ears for motion sickness and also put something in with the anesthesia to help prevent nausea. (Thankfully what he did worked and I did not feel sick at all after the surgery!) I met with the Dr. one last time before surgery and before I knew it, I was taken into the operating room.

The surgery took a little less than 2 hrs. and I then spent about an hr. in recovery. I had some ginger ale and graham crackers and by 11:45 AM, Pat and I were on our way home.


I have a splint on my nose (that will need to stay on for the next week), and the nurse put some frozen peas on my eyes for the drive home to help prevent swelling and bruising. The nurse said I should continue to ice my eyes every 20 mins. for the next 2 days.

Pat stopped to get me some iced coffee and something to eat on the way home. I then just took it easy for the rest of the day. I was not in any pain whatsoever, more just a little uncomfortable. My throat was super sore from the tube that was in my mouth during the surgery, but I didn’t feel even the slightest bit of pain from my nose. It did bleed A LOT though, which definitely freaked me (and Pat) out. I have gauze dressing and a drip pad directly under my nose, which Pat must have changed at least 20 or more times for me yesterday. Pat has been great through all of this and I don’t know what I would have done without him all day yesterday.


My Dr. actually called me yesterday afternoon to see how I was feeling and ask if I had any questions. He is so nice and such a great doctor! I talked to him for about 20 mins. He said the surgery went great and assured me that the amount of bleeding I had after we were home was normal. He said after 2 days or so, the blood should lessen and eventually stop.

The Dr. also asked if I wanted to see some of the pictures he took from the operating room. I will spare you the really gross ones (which most of them were quite gross) and just share one of them.


So overall I feel fine. Other than my sore throat, I am not in pain. The way I can best explain it is how you feel when you have a horrible cold or sinus infection and can’t really taste much and it feels like your nose is really stuffed up. Since I have to keep my head elevated to help lessen bruising and swelling, I slept on our recliner last night with a travel pillow around my neck. It definitely wasn’t the best night’s sleep, but I did manage to get some rest.

My face and eyes are quite bruised and swollen already.



I will take that over pain any day though! I just have to keep in mind that it will all be worth it in the end and the bruising and swelling is only temporary.

Well, I am off to ice my eyes some more.

Have a great weekend, guys! :-)