The cutest doggie in the world turns 10 today

Hey guys!

So today is a very important day. The cutest little doggie in the world turns 10 today!!!!


That’s right, today is Bosco’s Birthday!! :-)

I am SO thankful every single day that 10 years ago I was somehow able to find the cutest dog in the world and make him mine. Even when he can be a bit high maintenance at times (read : quite often), he has such a little personality and makes every day better.


There are no words to express the amount of love I have for this cute little boy.

I made a little video of some of my favorite pictures of Bosco. It was very hard to narrow down 100s (OK, maybe more like 1000s) of pictures that I have of him to just 45 or so. I am always up for a challenge though. :-)

Some Weekend Snapshots


Pat and Amy before the Spring Lake 5


Pat and Amy after the Spring Lake 5


My love hanging on the deck .. he obviously finds us to be VERY exciting


Bosco spent lots of time on the deck with us


our weekend of course included ice cream


dinner grilled by my sister’s boyfriend




out for breakfast

9 years ago today, we said I do

Hey guys,

It is hard to believe that 9 years ago today, Pat and I said I do.



I wrote this little poem for Pat for our Anniversary last year.  Since I know I am not capable to creating such a great literary masterpiece more than once, I will just share it again this year. :-)


On this day, we said “I Do”

9 years later, you still tell me that girls aren’t supposed to poo.


You asked me to marry you on a rainy day in December.

To this day, it is one I will always remember.


When it comes to breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you know to not expect too much from me

You dusting, vacuuming, or cleaning … all things my eyes have yet to see.


You like going to the beach and spending hours in the sun

I find getting my nails done to be fun.


Several years ago, my car was hit by a deer

You once paid me $5 just to drink a beer.


I often ask you to rub my feet

You get mad when I play songs on repeat.


We like going on vacation, to the movies, and to a concert or two

We’ve seen Van Halen, Motley Crue, Billy Joel, and Kenny Chesney, just to name a few.


We both think Bosco is the cutest thing we have ever seen

You’ll be sure to sound the alarm if your food is touched by a bean.


Baseball, Miller Lite, and Skiing .. these are some of your favorite things

You tell me I have too much jewelry and won’t buy me any more rings.


When Doritos are near, you like to stuff your face

I can eat Orange Tic-Tacs by the case.


You’re smart, sexy, and more recently, a very good runner.

One thing you are not though hunny, is Mr. Fix-it or a plumber.


When we get back from a bike ride, we know there will be a race to the house

I once called you screaming when I was in the basement and saw a mouse.


When you wear your glasses, you look just like your brother

You often tell me quotes once said by your mother.


I like to make fun of you for being 10 years older

In the summer, you get mad when I turn the thermostat much colder.


You have always treated my family like they were your own

We both have 10000 pictures of Bosco on our phone.


When I ask you to take me on a long ride, I don’t give you much of a choice

When your singing annoys me, I threaten to post a video of your Bon Jovi voice.


Since we’ve been together, I’ve had many shades of hair

Inside a house in your hometown, there once lived a bear.


We both recently developed a love of country music and even bought our own cowboy hat

Bosco was very upset when he learned you once owned a cat.


Eleven years worth of memories – from Bahamas, Key West, Aruba, and of course the NJ shore

Cubby, Jake, & our man Bosco…can’t wait to make so many more!


I love you, Sexy Husband (of 9 years) Boy.


Here is a video that I also made last year for our Anniversary.


Happy Anniversary, Pat!!!  XOXO