9 years ago today, we said I do

Hey guys,

It is hard to believe that 9 years ago today, Pat and I said I do.



I wrote this little poem for Pat for our Anniversary last year.  Since I know I am not capable to creating such a great literary masterpiece more than once, I will just share it again this year. :-)


On this day, we said “I Do”

9 years later, you still tell me that girls aren’t supposed to poo.


You asked me to marry you on a rainy day in December.

To this day, it is one I will always remember.


When it comes to breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you know to not expect too much from me

You dusting, vacuuming, or cleaning … all things my eyes have yet to see.


You like going to the beach and spending hours in the sun

I find getting my nails done to be fun.


Several years ago, my car was hit by a deer

You once paid me $5 just to drink a beer.


I often ask you to rub my feet

You get mad when I play songs on repeat.


We like going on vacation, to the movies, and to a concert or two

We’ve seen Van Halen, Motley Crue, Billy Joel, and Kenny Chesney, just to name a few.


We both think Bosco is the cutest thing we have ever seen

You’ll be sure to sound the alarm if your food is touched by a bean.


Baseball, Miller Lite, and Skiing .. these are some of your favorite things

You tell me I have too much jewelry and won’t buy me any more rings.


When Doritos are near, you like to stuff your face

I can eat Orange Tic-Tacs by the case.


You’re smart, sexy, and more recently, a very good runner.

One thing you are not though hunny, is Mr. Fix-it or a plumber.


When we get back from a bike ride, we know there will be a race to the house

I once called you screaming when I was in the basement and saw a mouse.


When you wear your glasses, you look just like your brother

You often tell me quotes once said by your mother.


I like to make fun of you for being 10 years older

In the summer, you get mad when I turn the thermostat much colder.


You have always treated my family like they were your own

We both have 10000 pictures of Bosco on our phone.


When I ask you to take me on a long ride, I don’t give you much of a choice

When your singing annoys me, I threaten to post a video of your Bon Jovi voice.


Since we’ve been together, I’ve had many shades of hair

Inside a house in your hometown, there once lived a bear.


We both recently developed a love of country music and even bought our own cowboy hat

Bosco was very upset when he learned you once owned a cat.


Eleven years worth of memories – from Bahamas, Key West, Aruba, and of course the NJ shore

Cubby, Jake, & our man Bosco…can’t wait to make so many more!


I love you, Sexy Husband (of 9 years) Boy.


Here is a video that I also made last year for our Anniversary.


Happy Anniversary, Pat!!!  XOXO

Five for Friday

Happy Friday!!!!


Bosco and I are in total agreement on this matter. Now we just have to figure out how to get Pat on board as well. :-)


My go to dinner for during the week that I have made for the last several weeks – threw a few chicken breasts in the crockpot with some chicken broth and taco seasoning .. after 6 hours the chicken comes out so tender and just shreds apart .. not to mention it makes all of the house smell awesome!!


I love this guy. I shared this picture on Instagram a few days ago, but it is too cute to not share on the blog as well.


I also shared this picture on Instagram as well. What can I say, I am obsessed with his cuteness.


Maybe I will get some fitness in tonight – Friday night is pizza night in our house after all. :-)


Have a great day and weekend, guys!

See you later, Eric Church

Hey guys!

How goes it?  Happy Saturday! :-)

I actually just got home from the gym.  I know, I can hardly believe it myself. :-)  I do go to the gym several days / week, but I almost never go on the weekend.

Anything exciting going on this weekend? Pat and I are just getting things done around the house and later tonight we are going to an Eric Church concert.


We saw him one other time in concert when he was on tour with Kenny Chesney, but I didn’t really know / like him all that much at the time. Now I LOVE him .. he is definitely one of my favorites, right next to Kenny and Luke Bryan.  I can’t wait … it should be fun! :-)

Tomorrow we have to take Bosco back to the Dr. for his follow-up from his surgery.  After the Dr., we are going out to brunch with my mom, sister, and her boyfriend to celebrate my sister’s birthday.

Have a great weekend, guys!!

Can’t keep you on the edge of your seats any longer

Hey guys!

How was your weekend? We had a really nice one over here. I didn’t take all that many pictures but still wanted to catch up with you guys.

When we last talked on Saturday, I was about to leave to get my nails done.


I decided to get something a little different and I really like it. :-)

After I got home from getting my nails done, Pat and I headed over to the NJ Half Marathon expo so he could pick up his race packet.


We walked around the expo for a while after Pat got his packet. While we were headed back to the car, Pat asked if all the excitement from everyone getting ready for the race made me want to run too, to which I quickly replied, NOT.AT.ALL. haha I have never liked running and used to dread when we HAD to run in school. I am more than happy to leave all the running fun for him. :-)

After we left the expo, we needed to make a stop at Babies”R”Us.  No, I am not pregnant, nor did I need a gift for a baby shower. We actually needed to go there to get something for Bosco. During the Spring and Summer, we spend quite a bit of time on our back deck.  Bosco also loves to be out there with us, but hardly ever wants to stay on the deck with us and would rather roam around on the grass. The problem with that is there have been numerous occasions that random cats from the neighborhood have decided that our backyard is the best place for them to take a poop. Lovely, right? Well on several of these said occasions, Bosco found their poop and decided it would be a great idea to roll around in it. Let me tell you my friends, one time of having to clean up a dog covered in cat poop is one time too many. Sadly, I had the pleasure of the experience several times. After the last time, I told myself (and Pat and Bosco!) that it would NEVER happen again. A few days ago Pat came up with a great idea – why not get a baby gate for outside so Bosco can come out with us, but can be confined to the deck.  We had to get 2 because of the length of our deck, but we tried it out yesterday and it worked great. I am sure Bosco was less than impressed with the idea though when he saw he would have to hang out with us!

Saturday evening my sister and her boyfriend came over to bring Pat a special treat for after his half marathon on Sunday – my sister made him a mocha coffee cake.


mmm mmm mmm!

We all hung out for a while chatting and then headed out to dinner.


Amy and Nick

We had a nice dinner and then my sister and Nick went home after we got back to our house.  We spent the rest of Saturday night hanging out on the couch with Bosco.

Sunday morning was race day, and it was an early one. Pat had to get up at 4:30 AM and left the house by 5:30 AM or so.


With all of this race talk, I won’t keep you guys on the edge of your seats any longer (wink wink) to find out how Pat did.  He did awesome! He was done in 10 mins. less than last year.


Bosco and I were very proud of him. :-)

He came home very sore, which even he thought was kinda strange since he runs 10 miles every weekend. The rest of Sunday was spent going to get some lunch and then lounging around the house so the athlete could recover.