Life Lately (per my iPhone)


lots of salads for dinner


lots of snow in NJ


FAVORITE Birthday gift from my husband .. eekk – can’t wait!!!!!!


more gifts from my hubby


my cutie


another gift from Pat


also given to me by my husband


I love this boy.


free Birthday drink


Birthday dinner – Cobb salad


Birthday dinner – penne with vodka sauce


Birthday dinner – caramel brownie with ice cream




Happy Birthday to ME!

Hey guys!

Do you know what today is? Why, it is my 35th Birthday! :-)






My sister made me these cream cheese cookie dough icing (!!!!!) cupcakes to bring to my office. It reminded me of bringing cupcakes in for your class on your Birthday as a kid. :-)


FYI – They were just as delicious as they look!! :-)

Sadly, I will be spending most of my Birthday at work, but I am looking forward to celebrating this weekend.

Have a great day!   Have some cake in honor of me today! :-)

Anyone else have a February birthday??

Weekend Review

Hey guys!

How was your weekend?

Saturday morning started with a very cold walk with my furry friend.


After we got back from our walk, I did some laundry, cleaned our bathroom, vacuumed, threw our sheets in the wash, and took a shower. Then it was time to take the Shih Tzu to the groomer (which was very much needed!).

My boy was stylin’ after his trip to the groomer.





I am obsessed with him (if you couldn’t tell from the 1000000000 pictures I post of him on this little old blog!). :-)

Later in the afternoon, we decided to make the hour drive to Carmine’s to have dinner. Carmine’s is a restaurant with mostly Italian food that is served family style. I didn’t take any pictures since the restaurant was pretty dark inside, but the food was absolutely delicious. I had penne with vodka sauce and Pat got a Porterhouse steak. Since the meals were family size, we both went home with leftovers.

Sunday morning started with another walk with Bosco. When we got back from our walk, Pat and I took him with us in the car to get some bagels for breakfast. I got a sesame bagel with eggs and cheddar cheese.


I spent the rest of the morning doing laundry, getting some food ready for next week (washed blueberries and got some of my snacks for work bagged), and cleaning.

In the afternoon, Pat and I had the leftovers we brought home last night. The penne with vodka sauce was just as tasty the second time.


After we ate, we hung out on the couch for a while reading and watching some HGTV.

Then we decided to go to the movies. The movie was Pat’s pick but it was pretty funny.


Now it is time to hang out on the couch with Pat and Bosco. I think I may need to make myself some hot chocolate too. :-)


Have a great night!!! :-)


The Weekend (the one that I may have gained 500 lbs. or so)


oh you know, just whipped up some brown sugar cake batter bars (nothing for an experienced baker like myself) :-)


delicious pizza for dinner on Fri. night


went to the movies


Vanilla Chai – mmm mmm mmm!


my little lover


peanut butter cookies that I made for Pat (I MAY have had to sample them, JUST to make sure they tasted OK for him.)


not sure who is more excited about the Super Bowl – me or Bosco. I think it might be a tie. :-)


what I am excited about – Super Bowl snacks

Two years ago today, I lost my biggest supporter

Two years ago today, I received the worst call of my life – my dad went into cardiac arrest and passed away several minutes later. I knew my dad had been very sick for the last 2 years but the news that I lost him was still a total shock and was undoubtedly the darkest day of my life.  I remember sitting on the floor of my living room crying my eyes out.  I remember crying as soon as I got into bed for several nights after he passed away. I lost my biggest supporter, the person that loved me totally unconditionally all of my life.  People say it gets easier, and it does, but the pain never goes away. There will forever be a void in my heart.  Two years later, it still hurts, but I am also much more thankful now. Thankful that I saw my dad and talked to him the day before he passed away. Thankful that I was able to tell him I loved him one last time. Thankful that I now have 33 years worth of memories of my time spent with him. Thankful that I can still remember the sound of his voice clear as day in my head.  Thankful that I have a voicemail saved from him of him telling me that he loved me, as does my sister.


There is no question that I miss my dad and think about him every single day. I miss being able to call him, watch TV with him, tell him about things going on in my life, hearing his voice, his cooking, him calling me just to ask what was new and how I was (even though he was the one that was so sick).

There is honestly no one else in the world that I would have rather had as my dad.

I love you, Daddy and will for the rest of my life.  XOXO



This is a video that I made in memory of my dad shortly after he passed away: