Memorial Day Weekend

Hey everyone!

Is anyone else glad it is a 3 day weekend??      I know I am!   🙂

Last night my sister came down to stay over for the weekend.

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Since it was Pat’s Birthday last week, she made him a cake.


The cake she made was delicious.  My sister is an AWESOME baker.   Although she is a dental hygienist, she wants to own her own bakery someday.  Whenever it is someone’s birthday, a holiday, or any special occasion, you can be sure my sister will bake some unbelievable treats.  She has even made a wedding cake for one of her friends that got married last year.


Mocha Chocolate Cake Love


Bosco was a little concerned about how long my sister was going to be staying over due to the size of her overnight bag.


We had a fun night of pizza, cake, catching up, and TV.  Obviously Bosco didn’t find any of this too exciting.

This morning we were all up early because my sister and Pat were running the Spring Lake Five.   The Spring Lake Five is an annual 5 mile run held every Memorial Day Weekend in Spring Lake, NJ.   I am NOT a runner but went to cheer them both on. There were over 12,500 people registered for the run this year.

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Even though it was cold and rainy, it was a fun kick-off to the holiday weekend.

Have a fabulous weekend!!   Doing anything exciting??

Snack Attack

Happy Thursday, everyone!

I have been in a super snacky (yup, totally a word!) mood lately.    I thought I would share some new to me finds that I have been loving as snacks.


Luna protein bars (specifically the Cookie Dough flavor).   Oh My!!!    Next to Quest bars, these are my favorite protein bars.  They seriously taste just like a candy bar and I LOVE them.    FYI – They are on sale this week at Target for just $5 for a box of 6.   I may or may not have picked up 5 boxes of them today.   🙂   If you never tried these, you NEED to.


Skinny Cow ice cream bars –   I LOVE Skinny Cow ice cream and eat a 150 calorie ice cream cup for my snack almost every night.    I just recently picked up a box of these bars because they were on sale and I am definitely a fan .. just like a frozen candy bar!


These Almond Nut Thins are amazing.   A serving is just 130 calories for 16 crackers and they are so tasty.  I also bought a box in the Cheddar Cheese flavor but haven’t tried them yet (if they are even 1/2 as tasty as the ones above, the box will not last long!).


Quaker rice cakes –  These individual size bags are just 90  calories each and make a great snack.   My favorite flavors are the Cheddar and BBQ.


Trader Joe’s Milk Chocolate Bars .. just 100 calories each .. need I say more??!!

What are some snacks you’ve been loving lately??

7 years ago today …

I said I DO!!

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It is hard to believe that my wedding was 7 years ago.

We’ve been through a lot together since that day ..

– becoming puppy parents to Bosco

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– buying a timeshare in Aruba together

297961_2247119494917_1368447175_n get-attachment44 302962_2247154335788_457477177_n

– lots of fun vacations (Florida, Aruba, Mexico, Las Vegas, Bahamas, Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina)

299306_2247096374339_232867991_n 308689_2247080893952_864157935_n

– new jobs for both of us

– home improvement projects

406418_2609754520566_71878423_n  398963_2609766920876_1736665953_n

– the loss of my dad

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I can’t imagine anyone else I would have rather had by my side through all of it.



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Happy Anniversary, Pat!     I love you, Sexy Husband Boy.



Just a quick hello

Happy Sunday, friends!

I thought I would take a break from cleaning and laundry (and lots of other fun weekend chores) to stop in and say hello .     It is super dreary and rainy outside here today, so I think I will be spending most of the day inside.       I was able to brave the rain to run out and get a Vanilla Chai though … it’s all about priorities.   🙂

Bosco has asked me to share this picture with you of what he believes to be undeniable evidence of his need for MORE toys.


(He asked me not to mention that this bed is one of about 5 that he has, and the toys shown are only about 1/10 of all his toys throughtout the house.)

As I am sure many of you are feeling sorry for Bosco right about now, please contact me for my address so that you can send him toys.     🙂

Have you guys heard about   If not, check it out!!   It is hilarious.   I can think of lots of pictures of Bosco that could be up on their website!    haha    🙂

Enjoy the rest of your day!       I’ll see you guys tomorrow.



Happy Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, friends!

Today was a LONG day!   I had the day off of work yesterday (which was fabulous) and I so would have liked to have been off today as well after the day I had.   I didn’t do anything too exciting on my day off, but it was nice to be off nonetheless.

I made a big batch of roasted vegetables (zucchini, tomatoes, chickpeas, and peppers).  I used these veggies to make a veggie wrap for dinner tonight.  I also added a slice of cheddar cheese (because everything is better with cheddar, right??) and some balsamic dressing.    It was delicious.


I also gave Bosco a bath when I was home yesterday.  I love when he is all clean.

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I bought this body butter over the weekend, and I LOVE it!   I seriously can’t stop smelling it .. it smells just like coconut frosting and I so want to EAT it.    🙂


Speaking of smells, I am kinda obsessed with things that smell yummy.    Some other favorite scents of mine:


Have you ever used this Peppermint Bark Body Wash?   It smells amazing!!


Bath and Body Works Twisted Peppermint … My FAVORITE lotion EVER.   This is a seasonal scent at Bath and Body Works that I believe they only carry around November and December, but I stock up (as seen in picture!) and wear it all year.

Totally random .. I was just going through old pictures on my phone and found this text message that I sent to my husband a few months ago and it made me laugh.        (By the way, he DID bring home pizza that night!)


Well, I am off to grab a snack and curl up on the couch for the rest of the night.       Have a great night!  🙂



Some things I am loving

Happy Saturday!   This has been a long week and I am so glad it is the weekend!

I wanted to share with you some things I am absolutely loving lately..


My mom bought me this coconut oil for my Birthday and I LOVE it.   It smells great and leaves my skin softer than it has EVER been.


Quest bars … I think I have tried every single flavor and I love them all.  They are by far the best protein bars that I’ve ever had.   I have recently tried the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and loved it, but my favorite is still the Banana Nut Muffin.   I eat one of these EVERY.SINGLE.DAY!


I picked these up at my local health food store and think they are amazing.   There is also a Margarita Pizza flavor (!!!!) that is so tasty.


Love, Chloé is currently my favorite perfume.   It smells AMAZING and I get compliments on it pretty much every day.


Trader Joe’s Mini Milk Chocolate Bars.  These are only 100 calories each and are a great snack when you are craving something sweet.

Well, I am off to go food shopping and run a few errands.     Have a great weekend everyone!!  🙂