Some things I am loving

Happy Saturday!   This has been a long week and I am so glad it is the weekend!

I wanted to share with you some things I am absolutely loving lately..


My mom bought me this coconut oil for my Birthday and I LOVE it.   It smells great and leaves my skin softer than it has EVER been.


Quest bars … I think I have tried every single flavor and I love them all.  They are by far the best protein bars that I’ve ever had.   I have recently tried the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and loved it, but my favorite is still the Banana Nut Muffin.   I eat one of these EVERY.SINGLE.DAY!


I picked these up at my local health food store and think they are amazing.   There is also a Margarita Pizza flavor (!!!!) that is so tasty.


Love, Chloé is currently my favorite perfume.   It smells AMAZING and I get compliments on it pretty much every day.


Trader Joe’s Mini Milk Chocolate Bars.  These are only 100 calories each and are a great snack when you are craving something sweet.

Well, I am off to go food shopping and run a few errands.     Have a great weekend everyone!!  🙂





6 thoughts on “Some things I am loving

  1. I really wish I could try a Quest Bar! There seems to be a craze for them going around the blogging world :). Where do you get yours from? I also love those TJ Chocolate Bars! I have them in my room for when I just need some sweetness 🙂

    • You have to try them .. they are DELICIOUS! I order them from .. I usually order 2 boxes at a time and there is free shipping. You can also order them from the GNC website. I LOVE them. 🙂

  2. I just won a box full of quest bars and I cannot wait for them to arrive!!! Aren’t they awesome? 🙂

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