Just a quick hello

Happy Sunday, friends!

I thought I would take a break from cleaning and laundry (and lots of other fun weekend chores) to stop in and say hello .     It is super dreary and rainy outside here today, so I think I will be spending most of the day inside.       I was able to brave the rain to run out and get a Vanilla Chai though … it’s all about priorities.   🙂

Bosco has asked me to share this picture with you of what he believes to be undeniable evidence of his need for MORE toys.


(He asked me not to mention that this bed is one of about 5 that he has, and the toys shown are only about 1/10 of all his toys throughtout the house.)

As I am sure many of you are feeling sorry for Bosco right about now, please contact me for my address so that you can send him toys.     🙂

Have you guys heard about Dog-shaming.com?   If not, check it out!!   It is hilarious.   I can think of lots of pictures of Bosco that could be up on their website!    haha    🙂

Enjoy the rest of your day!       I’ll see you guys tomorrow.



2 thoughts on “Just a quick hello

  1. Ha Ha ha! I’m pretty sure Roxy would be in heaven if she had all these toys… oh & our bed would be covered w/ them. She has a thing where she takes every toy and lays them on our bed, Ha Ha

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