7 years ago today …

I said I DO!!

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It is hard to believe that my wedding was 7 years ago.

We’ve been through a lot together since that day ..

– becoming puppy parents to Bosco

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– buying a timeshare in Aruba together

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– lots of fun vacations (Florida, Aruba, Mexico, Las Vegas, Bahamas, Virginia, South Carolina, North Carolina)

299306_2247096374339_232867991_n 308689_2247080893952_864157935_n

– new jobs for both of us

– home improvement projects

406418_2609754520566_71878423_n  398963_2609766920876_1736665953_n

– the loss of my dad

196329_4819338238778_14901663_n 550096_4767330098607_2133352811_n 225334_4980308902944_509498178_n

I can’t imagine anyone else I would have rather had by my side through all of it.



2588888 2098_1043506565346_8687_n

Happy Anniversary, Pat!     I love you, Sexy Husband Boy.



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