Snack Attack

Happy Thursday, everyone!

I have been in a super snacky (yup, totally a word!) mood lately.    I thought I would share some new to me finds that I have been loving as snacks.


Luna protein bars (specifically the Cookie Dough flavor).   Oh My!!!    Next to Quest bars, these are my favorite protein bars.  They seriously taste just like a candy bar and I LOVE them.    FYI – They are on sale this week at Target for just $5 for a box of 6.   I may or may not have picked up 5 boxes of them today.   🙂   If you never tried these, you NEED to.


Skinny Cow ice cream bars –   I LOVE Skinny Cow ice cream and eat a 150 calorie ice cream cup for my snack almost every night.    I just recently picked up a box of these bars because they were on sale and I am definitely a fan .. just like a frozen candy bar!


These Almond Nut Thins are amazing.   A serving is just 130 calories for 16 crackers and they are so tasty.  I also bought a box in the Cheddar Cheese flavor but haven’t tried them yet (if they are even 1/2 as tasty as the ones above, the box will not last long!).


Quaker rice cakes –  These individual size bags are just 90  calories each and make a great snack.   My favorite flavors are the Cheddar and BBQ.


Trader Joe’s Milk Chocolate Bars .. just 100 calories each .. need I say more??!!

What are some snacks you’ve been loving lately??