Saturday Check-in

Hey Guys!

I just wanted to check in and say hi.        Today was a pretty fun day around here.

Since we live just 1 1/2 miles from the beach, we try to just eat breakfast at home on weekends in the summer because there is just too much traffic to go out to get something.   Today Pat and I were both in the mood for bagels though, so we decided to get some coffee and bagels from our favorite bagel shop.

We of course took our favorite furry friend along for the ride.


We also may or may not have forced him to take some pictures with us.     🙂

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After breakfast, I did some laundry, went food shopping, and cleaned the house for a bit.      I then went to visit my mom who just had hiatal hernia surgery about 2 weeks ago.  It was a pretty involved surgery (6 1/2 hrs.) and she is currently in a rehab facility for a few more days before she will be able to go home.    We talked for a while and she showed me around the facility, which was gorgeous and really modern.

After I got home from seeing my mom, Pat and I decided to take a bike ride together since it was actually a pretty cool day out (for July).     We went on a bike trail near our house and covered close to 20 miles or so!   I have a feeling my booty is going to be sore tomorrow!!    🙂

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We decided that since we got a pretty great workout in, we deserved to stop for a cocktail on our way home.    We met another couple at the bar and chatted with them for a while before heading back home.      After we got home, we Pat grilled up some steaks for dinner.   Bosco even got his own little filet mignon (SPOILED Shih Tzu!).

Now we’re all just hanging out on the couch and watching TV.

Have a great night,  guys!

What was the best thing you did today???