Weekend Fun

Hey guys! 

So in my last post I mentioned Pat and I were not sure where we were going for vacation.      Well, I am happy to say we finally decided.

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If you need me the 2nd week of October, you can find me floating around the lazy river.     **Please don’t mind my super pale skin, mmmmkay?**    🙂


Or by this hut.


Or trying to make friends with this guy.


Or sipping some yummy cocktails.


We are going to Aruba .. woohoo!!!    I am super excited.

The other highlight of my weekend was, of course, the awesomeness that is Kenny Chesney.    I absolutely LOVE him.    Pat and I had such a GREAT time.

I will leave  you with some pictures of the concert.    Oh, and as you will see, we finally found our cowboy hats!!   🙂

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Bosco wanted to come too!   🙂