Weekend Fun

Hey guys! 

So in my last post I mentioned Pat and I were not sure where we were going for vacation.      Well, I am happy to say we finally decided.

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If you need me the 2nd week of October, you can find me floating around the lazy river.     **Please don’t mind my super pale skin, mmmmkay?**    🙂


Or by this hut.


Or trying to make friends with this guy.


Or sipping some yummy cocktails.


We are going to Aruba .. woohoo!!!    I am super excited.

The other highlight of my weekend was, of course, the awesomeness that is Kenny Chesney.    I absolutely LOVE him.    Pat and I had such a GREAT time.

I will leave  you with some pictures of the concert.    Oh, and as you will see, we finally found our cowboy hats!!   🙂

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Bosco wanted to come too!   🙂

9 thoughts on “Weekend Fun

  1. How cute are you guys!! And I bet my dog would have wanted to come too… 🙂 I am so jealous of your Aruba vacation!! Going to be amazing!

  2. Dude, I was so excited to go to Charleston for Labor day. That is, until I just read that you’re going to ARUBA! Dang, girl I’m so jealous! Glad you had fun at the concert! Those hats are adorable 🙂

  3. Kenny Chesney sounds awesome! And I’m so jealous you get to go to Aruba! Hear it’s gorgeous there 😉 Averie over at Averie Cooks is there right now! I’m just letting you know that I’m nominating you for the Liebster Award. I think you deserve some blogging love and you’ve got a great blog going for you! See my post tomorrow (Thursday) for details.

  4. Wow, nice pictures 🙂 Aruba sounds like an amazing vacation spot and always hear good things about it! I’ve never been out there but would love to in the future. Thank you for visiting my blog, by the way! Hope you have a great weekend!

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