Fun Filled Weekend

Hey guys!

How is your weekend going so far?   Ours has been great over here.

On Friday my mom came down to stay with Pat and I for the weekend.  She also brought this cute little guy with her.


her Shih Tzu Jake

Even though you might not be able to tell from the look on Bosco’s face in this picture, Bosco LOVES to play with Jake.


What Bosco does NOT love .. sharing.   As soon as Jake got within 2 feet of any of Bosco’s 10000000 toys, Bosco literally blocked Jake from his toys with his body and gave him a look like, “ummm, can I help you?  These are MY toys!”.   haha   It was so funny.    Clearly, Bosco needed to play with ALL of his toys and did not have any he was able to let Jake play with.   Poor Jake.

Most of Friday night was spent just hanging out talking and snacking, LOTS of snacking.    We had pizza for dinner (as we do every Fri. night), and my mom brought over all kinds of treats from a bakery by her house – mocha cake, chocolate covered pretzels, and pasteries.

Some of these too!   🙂


Later on that night, things got REALLY crazy.

01  03 02

a bunch of party animals, I tell ya!

On Saturday morning, Pat, my mom, and I all had breakfast together.  After breakfast, Pat went for a run on the boardwalk and I went to get my nails done while my mom stayed at the house with Bosco and Jake.

After Pat and I both got home, we decided to go see We’re the Millers with my mom.


We all thought the movie was really funny!

After we got home from the movies, we grilled up some sausage and peppers to go along with some corn on the cob.  Our dinner was delicious.

After dinner we hung out talking for a while before we decided to head over to a bar right by our house to listen to a band play.   The band was just OK, so after a few drinks we decided to take care of more important business – getting ice cream.  It was about 11 PM at this time and almost every ice cream place we went to had just closed.  We were finally able to get ice cream and enjoyed it back at the house.

A great weekend so far and thankfully, it is not over yet!

What was the best thing you did this weekend??

5 thoughts on “Fun Filled Weekend

  1. I cannot believe I’ve never heard of mini Starbursts! I’ll be on the look out now! OMG!
    I want to see that movie, glad you guys thought it was good!!

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