Just 2 more days

Hey guys!

I just have 2 more days of work and then I am off for 9 days!   WOOHOO!!!!!!!!

This week has been a super stressful one at work so I haven’t had a lot of time to blog. I still just wanted to check in and say hi.

I am so happy that Revenge is back on!   Anyone else watch it?  I LOVE it!


This dog has about 5 or 6 beds (some of which were quite expensive) and where does he like to lay? on the hard coffee table!  He’s a special one, I tell ya!  haha


I sure am going to miss his cute little face when I am away though!


I am SO glad that it is October!!!!  October is without a doubt my favorite month.


Has anyone tried the new chocolate Quest bars yet?  I LOVE Quest bars so I am sure I will love them like I do all the other flavors.


A friend of mine let me borrow some books to read on vacation. I doubt I will get through both books in a week, but at least I will have plenty to read if I want to.


Have a great rest of the week, guys! TRY to not miss me TOO much while I am on vacation. I know it will be hard.   🙂

9 thoughts on “Just 2 more days

  1. ahh I am so glad I found a fellow October month lover. Girl… by far it is my favorite month too! The leaves, the pumpkins… which I can’t get enough of pumpkin pie and bread, and all the fun activities! I just love it!

  2. I am so glad Revenge is back too! That show keeps me on the edge of my seat! And the shot of your dog on the coffee table is hilarious! Our dog has beds all over the house as well, but he’s such a prissy dog that he has to have a soft place to lay. 😉

  3. I have ALOT of catching up to do with Revenge. I was able to watching the season premiere, but, there were quite a few episodes prior that I missed. With a new-found infatuation with Netflix, my hubby and I have been gradually watching tons of older shows and series. Right now, we are addicted to watching 24….I know that show started in 2001, but, yeah, we are just starting to watch it now. Good luck with making it through these next two days! It looks like you have a nice relaxing light at the end of the tunnel, though!

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