Some Random Facts About Me

Hey guys!

So lately there has been something going around on Facebook where you list some random facts about yourself. You then give a # to anyone that likes your status and they have to list that many random facts about themselves.    I thought it would be a fun idea for a post.

Some Random Facts About Me

1- My 2 favorite scents ever are Downy fabric softener and Love, Chloe perfume.


2- I made Dean’s List every semester while I was in college.
3- I have went swimming with dolphins in the Bahamas and held baby tigers in South Carolina.

4- I LOVE the Fall. If I could find a place that has Fall like weather year round, I would move there in a heartbeat.

5- I only started to like country music in the last 3 years or so and now it is my favorite type of music. (Hellloooo Kenny Chesney!!)

6- My dad set up my first email address for me when I was a senior in high school and it is the email address I still use to this day.
7- My favorite meal is penne with vodka sauce and my favorite dessert is Crème Brulee.

8- My favorite movie of all time is Dirty Dancing. I have seen it about 10000000000000 times (give or take).


What is your favorite movie?  Favorite meal?  Favorite dessert?