Happy Tuesday

Hey guys!

Happy Tuesday! How are things?

I am currently listening to Bosco bark his booty off at the rain. It sounds delightful .. try not to be too jealous (although he is super cute, so maybe it is OK to be just a little jealous). icon_smile

I took a trip to Target and bought a few new (to me) things that I can’t wait to try:

get-attachment2 get-attachment4 get-attachment5 get-attachment6

I also picked up a few boxes of my favorite K-cups (they are on sale after all!)


I was pretty stressed out after a long, busy day at work, but this song brought a smile to my face on my way home (so much so that I needed to take a picture and send it to my sister, who also loves this song!). It’s the little things that can make you happy!  haha


I just got done with dinner and am about to make myself comfy on the couch for the night.  Enjoy the rest of your night! icon_smile

8 thoughts on “Happy Tuesday

  1. Great shopping finds. Target just came to Canada and I love it there. It’s just across the street from my building so that can be a little dangerous for the wallet. Bosco is adorable.

  2. Our dog barks at all the cats in our neighborhood. Definitely not my favorite thing about him, haha! Also, “Barbie Girl”… wooooow! That takes me back! I used to love that song!

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