Weekend Recap

Hey guys!

How have you been?

Pat and I went away skiing last weekend in PA. We went with a friend of mine, her husband,  her 3 brothers, and their families. I have only went skiing a few times and was about 25 when I went for the first time ever. Pat, on the other hand , is a great skiier and has been going skiing since he was a kid. While I didn’t do any skiing this weekend, we had an awesome time. We hung out a lot, had lots of yummy cocktails (until 2:45 AM on Fri. night!), went out for Hibachi, and had a lot of laughs.


Pat right before he left to go skiing with my friend and her brothers.

While Pat and some of the others were skiing, I hung out with my friend’s husband in the lodge.  After a few hours of skiing, everyone met back up for some food and cocktails. Since we stayed out really late on Fri. night and were all really tired, we pretty much just hung out the rest of the day on Saturday.


Pat’s after skiing picture (taken at 6:30 PM) icon_smile

We went out for dinner on Saturday night to a fun Hibachi restaurant. We left there absolutely stuffed. We hung out at the hotel bar for a while after we got back from dinner and then called it a night.

Sunday AM we had breakfast with everyone and then headed back to NJ. When we got home, we unpacked, caught up on laundry, and then went to pick up Bosco from PetSmart.


I missed my little hunny!!

After we picked up Bosco, we got pizza to bring home for dinner and just hung out for the rest of the night. We watched Revenge and then went to sleep.

Bosco was up at 4:30 AM on Monday, with some serious stomach problems (LOTS of diarrhea – eekk!!!).  He was sick all day yesterday and let’s just say his super furry white butt and diarrhea do not make a great combination! I am not sure if someone fed him something that upset his stomach while he was away, or if he just missed us, but he was pretty sick.  Thankfully, he seems to feel much better today, although he is still not 100% back to normal yet.

No matter how sick he is, he still always looks so cute!


My sick little boy

Today we are supposed to get up to 14 inches of snow where I live in NJ!!   I am so NOT happy about this!!  My office actually closed early and even though it hasn’t been snowing that long so far, the roads are a mess already. The heaviest snow is supposed to be from 5 PM into Wednesday.


backyard so far


looking outside my front door

Well, I am off to prepare for the Blizzard of 2014.  Enjoy the rest of your day, guys!!

10 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. ahhhhh be safe in the snow!!! it is horrible… we keep getting weather that is -10 degrees, which is just flat out ridiculous and insane.

    Ski trip looked fun- tiring – but fun! Habachi is the best! And I hope your little guy gets better!!!

  2. Skiing! You’re so lucky to be able to go away for a ski weekend! Also, I love your snow – send some over my way if you don’t want it?

    I hope Bosco is feeling better by now. Poor love. X

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