Weekend Snapshots


whoever thought of this is a genius

mmmm get in my belly!
nap time
I eat one of these every day.
My boy
Saturday night dinner – short ribs, garlic mashed potatoes, and roasted green beans
Bosco knows the importance of stretching.
They were all out of Brown Sugar coffee today (boo!!!), so I had to settle for Caramel.

16 thoughts on “Weekend Snapshots

  1. oh man I can’t believe those butterfinger pb cups…dangerous!! Love that brown sugar coffee too…I only had it once but it was amazing! looks like a great weekend 🙂

  2. I can’t wait to try those Butterfinger PB cups!! OMG! It is a genius idea, I can already tell! LOL! And that dinner looks SO tasty!!

  3. wait!!!! brown sugar coffee!!! omg!! i wish there were more dunks out here in wisco. i got so hooked on it when i lived in RI this summer and now i have major withdrawals! 😦

    • haha, that’s too funny because I got some for my husband for Valentine’s Day too (I HIGHLY doubt they will make it until Valentine’s Day!!) It’s the thought that counts, right??!! 🙂

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