Weekend Snapshots


excited to try this


and this kind!


my cute hunny


didn’t really taste like cookie dough, but still VERY yummy!


love this new flavor


filet mignon, grilled asparagus, and four cheese risotto


crazy Saturday night – Exhibit 1


crazy Saturday night – Exhibit 2


washed lots of grapes and put in bags to stick in the freezer to snack on next week .. LOVE frozen grapes


catch up on magazines that I haven’t had time to read


movies – I really liked it .. my husband, not so much. Β haha

23 thoughts on “Weekend Snapshots

    • I know what you mean. I get about 8 different magazines delivered and am way behind on all of them as well. I usually only read them at the gym (while on the treadmill) and haven’t been going to the gym much since it is freezing in the morning.

      • I am so beyond jealous. I might have to take a drive and cross the boarder.. Hopefully I can get my hands on some. Either that or I will have to make eggless cookie dough find some oreo wafers and make my own. But I mean, without all the preservatives what is the point? Wont even taste the same.

  1. Interesting peanut butter flavours! Never seen anything like that in the UK – choice over here is smooth or crunchy!!

    Love seeing photos of Bosco!

    The fillet mignon looks absolutely delicious!

  2. Frozen grapes! Yes! I love those, but I always forget to have them on hand! I have a friend who keeps them in her freezer all the time and I love snacking on them. πŸ™‚ Also, that ilet mignon, grilled asparagus, and risotto dinner looks amazing!

  3. Just tried the cookie dough Oreos last night…bad idea. I’m hooked! How did you like them? Also, where did you find that cookie dough peanut butter? YUM! Happy valentines day hun!

    • I didn’t think the Oreos tasted like cookie dough all that much, but still thought they were delicious!

      I ordered the peanut butter online – from pbcrave.com – since I have never seen it in any stores by me. I am in love with it!! πŸ™‚

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