early AM food shopping

breakfast – bagel sandwiches


took Bosco to the groomer

trip to Trader Joe’s and Harmon’s

watched more True Detective episodes

ride by the beach with Bosco after he was done at the groomer




sleepyhead on the way to the groomer


driving around, enjoying the nice weather


Trader Joe’s trip


smells unbelievable!!


stop at the food store to get ice cream for dessert


walk with Bosco

breakfast – bagel sandwiches


iced caramel latte


lunch at home

took a ride in the car and had his & hers vanilla bean frappuccinos


Margherita pizza for dinner


later tonight – Revenge    WHY is it now on at 10 PM though???

8 thoughts on “Weekend

  1. Trader Joes is my favorite!! I could spend so much money there 🙂

    I haven’t seen that Brazilian Nut lotion at my TJs but it looks amazing. I need to keep an eye out for it 🙂

  2. I’m watching Revenge right now!! It’s on as I’m typing, haha! I watch it on Hulu so I didn’t realize that it was coming on so late now. I hope that doesn’t mean they are planning to discontinue it. I love this show!

  3. Cadbury Cream Eggs are sooooo awesome. So are the mini eggs.

    Sometimes I think that prime time TV shows that lose their 8 or 9pm slots are the ones that are doomed to be canceled soon… I haven’t ever seen Revenge but it is a pretty popular one, right?

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