Weekend Recap


After work, Pat and I took the train to NYC for the Billy Joel concert.  When we got to NYC, we HAD to get some pizza first. Let me tell you, it was DELICIOUS. We then walked over to the concert.  Funny little story: Our tickets had a B next to the seat section. When we got into the concert and were told where our seats were, an older guy told Pat, “B stands for bar stool”, to which Pat laughed and said, “oh yeah, do they come with a bar too?”. They both laughed and we proceeded to our seats, which were BAR STOOLS!!  (You will see a picture below.)  I have NEVER been to a concert where some of the seats were bar stools.  I think everyone that was in our section questioned if they were really our seats and if they were in the right area because they never heard of it either.  I must say though, we really liked the seats. For one, we didn’t have to constantly get up to let people by to go to the bathroom, like you often do in concerts. Also, we had a little bar like table in front of us to rest drinks on, and there was a bar with drinks and food right behind us with no line.  I would definitely sit in a section like that again.

The concert was AWESOME!!    At one point in the show, AC/DC came on stage with Billy Joel!!

You can watch a video of it here:


As with every other Billy Joel concert I have been to, it was a great time.

We took the 11:18 train back to NJ, which got us back to NJ at 12:40 or so.  We then had a 20 min. ride home from the train station.  On the way home, we stopped at Dunkin Donuts because I had wanted a coffee from there all night. So many people always say that can’t have coffee after a certain time at night or they aren’t able to sleep.. NOT this girl!  🙂  I can drink coffee shortly before bed and have no problem at all going to sleep. Then again, I never really drink coffee to wake me up, I just drink it because I like the taste.







morning walk with Bosco


got my nails done (same as last week)


pizza for lunch

Hibachi dinner with friends




breakfast – sausage, egg, & cheese sandwich and Vanilla Chai (which was FREE since I never redeemed my free Birthday drink last month!)


food shopping

roasted asparagus and tomatoes for the week




Tell me something about your weekend!

6 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. Looks like a great weekend! Wow, bar stools, kinda cool. We were at a small venue watching Flogging Molly when we sat in something like bar stools. But there weren’t as many people.

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