Almost forgot to tell you

Hey guys!

How is your week going so far?

Well so far my “oops, I ate about 10000000 calories this weekend, so I am definitely going to go to the gym EVERY AM next week” (as in this week – the one that is almost over) idea has not been been practiced yet. MAYBE tomorrow.

Speaking of a NEED to get to the gym, I almost forgot to tell you guys that Pat and I booked a vacation! As many of you may know, we have a timeshare in Aruba and love it there. Well this year we waited too long to book anything and there weren’t many weeks that were available that we were able to go. ┬áSo this year, we traded in our week and decided to go to TWO places!

We are going to Vegas for 4 nights.



Then we are going to drive to Palm Springs, CA where we will stay for 5 nights.



I am SO excited!! Pat and I have been to Vegas together when we first started dating over 10 years ago, and he has been in CA for work, but I have never been there. I am a little concerned about how HOT it is going to be since we will be there in July, but it looks absolutely BEAUTIFUL.

Time to get ready for work!

Have you ever been to Palm Springs?  Tell me some things we must do / see in Vegas!

Have a great day, guys!