A VERY Special Birthday

Hey guys!

Today is a VERY important and special day.  9 years ago today, my little hunny was born.





He is smart, unbelievably adorable, playful, and it is hard to remember what life was like without him.  He makes me smile every single day and I love him with all my heart.


Here is a short video that I made with some of my favorite pictures of Bosco:


Bosco’s Birthday


Happy Birthday, Bosco!!!


PS – Bosco said feel free to send Birthday treats, toys, etc.   icon_smile


12 thoughts on “A VERY Special Birthday

  1. What an [almost] small world, my dog was born on June 2 :)! Happy 9th Birthday Bosco!!!

    Do you ever do something special for him on his birthday? We always give Sammy a cupcake on her birthday (but never let her eat the whole thing.) It’s funny how important these little fur babies are in our lives. I hope there are at least another 9 healthy birthdays to celebrate ❤

    Also, you have a knack for creating those videos :)!

    • awww, that is so sweet that you give your pup a cupcake! Bosco has never had one but I’m sure he would love to try one!
      We always try to do something special for him on his Birthday. For years my husband used to always say he was going to make him filet mignon for his birthday and then never did. A few years ago, we finally made him filet mignon (which Bosco loved and ate in about five seconds!). The funny thing is Bosco now gets filet mignon almost every weekend, especially in the summer when we grill a lot. We buy a small one and give it to him throughout the week mixed with his dog food – spoiled doggie!! haha

      Happy Birthday to Sammy as well!! 🙂

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