Friday Fun


SO true – EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT over here!  haha


FYI – I would be the person on the right.   🙂


This is hilarious (and very true)!

12 Things Men Do Differently



I MUST find these.  I will report back as soon as I do.


Kenny Chesney video – no further explanation needed.   🙂


Have a great weekend!!!   🙂



9 thoughts on “Friday Fun

    • Oops…comment got cut off! Tell me those cookies exist in real life and please report back on if they’re good if you find them!!

      • Yes, they really do exist. I was able to find them when I went shopping this morning – I was SO excited! haha They also had birthday frosting filled, which I know I would love but I thought they might be too dangerous to get. I will report back after I try them later today. 🙂

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