Some Vacation Highlights

Hey guys!

So Pat and I are back in NJ. BOO!!!!  I can’t believe our vacation is over already! We had such a great time and are so upset that vacation is over!    😦

I have already filled you in on some of the fun things we saw and did, but I thought I would also share some of my favorite memories from our trip that I haven’t already blogged about.

1 – Guy Fieri’s Vegas Kitchen

We LOVED the food at Guy Fieri’s restaurant. Pat and I are both fans of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives on the Food Network, so when we saw Guy Fieri had his own restaurant, we knew we wanted to try it.

The first time we went, we got delicious chicken wings and pepperoni covered breadsticks that came with provolone fondue for dipping.


Since we thought the food was delicious, we went back a few days later for lunch (and made sure to save room for dessert this time!). We ordered the pepperoni covered breadsticks again, along with huge (and oh so tasty) onion rings.


For dessert, we shared the S’mores Monte Cristo (brioche, graham cracker butter, marshmallow, and gooey chocolate that came with raspberry and chocolate dipping sauce.  Pat said he doesn’t think we can ever eat S’mores from anywhere else again because they will never be able to compare to the dessert we had.


If you are ever in Vegas, this restaurant is a must to go to!

2- San Diego Zoo

The San Diego Zoo is a zoo in Balboa Park, San Diego, California housing over 3,700 animals of more than 650 species and subspecies. Pat and I heard the zoo was a must see and decided to spend one of our vacation days there. We had a great time walking around, seeing all the cute animals, and going on a bus tour of the zoo.







new toys for Bosco (because he NEEDED more toys!)    🙂

3 –  La Jolla Cove in San Diego

We decided to leave Palm Springs a day earlier than we were supposed to and go to San Diego for our last day / night of vacation.  You guys, San Diego is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! It was in the low 80s during the day, with a nice cool breeze and actually a little chilly at night.  It is definitely on my list of places to return to!



I had heard of seals hanging out on the beach in San Diego and knew it was something I definitely wanted to see.

I was SO glad we were able to see some seals on the beach!!  Although they were quite smelly, they were absolutely ADORABLE!




It was so amazing to see people swimming literally just a few feet away from them.




I was also able to take an awesome video of the seals, but can’t figure out how to upload it to this post. If anyone has any advice, let me know because I would love for you to be able to see it!!

4 – O –  Cirque du Soleil

O is a water-themed stage production by Cirque du Soleil, a Canadian circus and entertainment company.  It takes place in, around and above a 1.5-million-US-gallon  pool of water, featuring water acts such as synchronized swimming as well as aerial and ground acts.


The show was nothing short of AMAZING!!




This was our first Cirque Du Soleil show and although the tickets were expensive, they were so worth the money!  The stunts were death-defying, the diving was amazing, and the elaborate water-based stunts were just amazing.  I would go see this show again in a heartbeat!

While Pat and I are both depressed that vacation is over, we both missed Bosco like crazy.

We drove to pick him up from the PetSmart Hotel straight from the airport.


It was awesome to be reunited with my little love.   🙂

Time to do lots of laundry, Bosco cuddling, catch up on emails, bills, blogs, cleaning around the house (and start thinking of our next vacation!!).    🙂

12 thoughts on “Some Vacation Highlights

  1. Cirque du Soleil is Canadian? I had no idea! I totally would have guessed they were a European company.

    OMG Every single thing you posted from Guy Fieri’s restaurant looks incredible. That s’mores dessert just blows my mind.

  2. Marty and I stopped to look at the seals while we were driving along the Pacific Coast Highway and – you are right – SO smelly! I loved to watch them but I was super surprised by the smell (though, looking back, I probably shouldn’t be!) 🙂

  3. It sounds like an absolutely AMAZING trip! I definitely need to try Guy Fieri’s next time I’m in Vegas. All of the food looks unbelievable, especially those SMORES! Holy cow.

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