My baby needs to get better soon

Hey guys,

My poor little honey has been so sick for the last two days. We took him to the emergency vet this morning but he still didn’t seem to be feeling any better. Anytime he has been sick before, he is usually still so happy and playful, but these last two days he has only looked sad.  


They are still not really sure what is the matter with him. We already knew he has colitis and we are no stranger to diarrhea when it comes to Bosco. When he was a puppy, there was hardly a week that went by when he wasn’t sick. The last 2 days he has had EXTREME diarrhea though, was throwing up, won’t eat anything at all, and yesterday AM we found a lot of blood in his stools (sorry if that is TMI!) which we have never seen with him before. This AM we were up since 4 AM with him throwing up pretty much non-stop and diarrhea, and he was just laying on the floor of the kitchen shaking as if he was cold. They took blood and it all came back normal other than some high liver levels (which is consistent for him because of steroids he is on for ear infections). He hasn’t had any food in over 36 hrs. and is still VERY sick and he looks miserable .. makes me want to cry.    😦

The Dr. said it could be pancreatitis but the only way to tell for sure would be with an ultrasound. She said it would be treated the same way he is now, with pills 2 x / day for the next week (which is a project to get down his throat). They gave him a pill while we were there this AM and we just gave him one now but they haven’t seemed to help him yet. He does NOT want you to touch anywhere near his stomach.

After Pat and I got home from work tonight, Bosco was still very sick and we were concerned so we took him back to the emergency vet.  They admitted him and want to keep him there for a few days on IV. They are going to do an ultrasound in the morning to get a better idea of what is going on with him.

Please keep my honey in your thoughts.     XOXO

9 thoughts on “My baby needs to get better soon

  1. Oh no, poor Bosco! That is aweful and it’s the worst when they can’t figure out what’s wrong. We went through something nasty last year and the emergency vet held onto him for a night or two, but I think that may have been heat sickness since they never figured it out. I hope Bosco is ok.

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