Bosco update

Hey guys,

So I just wanted to update you on how Bosco is doing.

As of this AM: Bosco had an ultrasound done and it came back normal. (yeah!)   The doctor said he was perky this morning and seemed to be in a much better state due to the IV.  He was on the schedule to try solid food for the first time all week.

This is what the doctor thinks he has:

I just called again a little while ago (9 PM) to check on Bosco.  The Dr. said she just checked on him and saw he ate some of his canned food (earlier in the day, he didn’t want to eat for them). He hasn’t thrown up at all today but started with diarrhea again (no blood though).  She said they would still like to try to send him home tomorrow, but we will need to see how he is overnight and early tomorrow.

I was so sad this morning seeing all of his toys around the house, but not him here.

All I know is he better be ready to cuddle when he gets home (which MAYBE will be tomorrow).