Bosco is still not home, but we did get to see him!

Hey guys,

The latest Bosco update:

We were told Bosco might have been able to come home today, but sadly he was not approved to yet. He still has diarrhea and would not eat any of his canned food for the Dr. all day.  Since we have not seen him in a few days, they told us we could go visit him tonight.  We went to see him right after work and were told we could bring him some chicken or other food for him to try.


Look at his little IV!!

We brought him some chicken and filet mignon and he basically inhaled it!  We were able to feed him quite a bit, which he happily ate, but didn’t want to give him too much since his stomach is still not used to food.  The Dr. was so happy that he finally ate since he did not have any food in his stomach since Mon. at 6 AM (he lost 2 lbs.). Their biggest concern was that he still had no appetite. Well, it turns out he did – just not for dog food!    Spoiled little doggie!    🙂

I am so glad we got to visit Bosco tonight!  There was a huge improvement compared to Wednesday night, when he was totally oblivious to everything and miserable. He was so happy to see us, ate his  filet mignon and chicken (he would’ve happily ate the full container we brought), and we even took him for a walk outside.




(his paws had to be shaved for the IV)




While it is still not the same as having him back home, it was awesome to be able to see Bosco again.     🙂



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