What’s in my shower?

Hey guys!

I love reading posts where bloggers show what’s in their purse / make-up bag / shower / pantry, etc., so I thought I would let you guys take a look into my shower.

Welcome to my shower!



Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

The left front corner of the shower belongs to Bosco.


I give Bosco a bath pretty much every week, so I like to keep his shampoo handy.  I love the way this shampoo makes him smell and it makes his fur super soft.  I also use this same brand of conditioner on him as well, but keep that in our linen closet. The shampoo bottle is a lot bigger and heavier and I don’t feel like dragging it in and out of the closet every week, which is why I only keep the shampoo out all the time.


The middle of the shower is where I keep my soap, washcloths, and a loofah.


The front top right corner is Pat’s (only) area of the shower.


Here we have his razor, shampoo / conditioner in one, and his soap.

The bottom right corner is where I keep my favorite body scrub (that I am in LOVE with!).


If you guys have never tried this, go get some immediately. It smells amazing and leaves my skin so soft.

The back left corner is where you will find my body wash (SEVERAL of them!) and my conditioner.


I mostly use Philosophy body wash, but also buy whatever is on sale to try out new ones. My favorite one is the Philosophy Peppermint Bark.

The back top right corner is where I keep my razor and shampoo.


Right now I also have a few samples that I received in my last Birchbox.

The back wall is filled with yet more of my stuff: my favorite face wash, more shampoo and conditioner, and body wash.


The back left corner is also filled with more of the same. 🙂


One product in the above picture worth mentioning : the Macadamia Natural Oil Deep Repair Masque.  I recently just bought this after hearing great reviews and it is AWESOME!  I have used it several times already and will definitely purchase it again!


Well, there you have it – my shower! 🙂


Any other posts like this you would like to see me do?   Let me know!


Have a great day, guys! 🙂