Weekend Things

Hey guys,

A few days ago, my mom and sister decided to take a last minute trip to Newport, RI. They left early Thursday AM and made it to CT when my mom’s car caught on fire. They are both thankfully OK, but the car looks to be totaled. Even though it put a bit of a damper on their trip, they still made it to RI (in a rental car) and were thankful for all the people, state troopers, and fire dept. that stopped to help them.


my mom and sister

Saturday morning was spent cleaning, doing laundry, and taking Bosco for a much needed trip to the groomer.  My sister came over later in the day to hang out and pick up her Shih Tzu, Jake that was staying with us when her and my mom were away.




Jake  (in Bosco’s bed – I think Bosco was less than thrilled with this!) 🙂

My sister came bearing gifts for me from her trip.


Key Lime gourmet popcorn (I LOVE Key Lime!)


Banana Nut candle


looks yummy enough to eat and smells so delicious!

We had dinner on the deck. We grilled up some chicken sausage, chicken, and steak.


Bosco even had his own seat at the table. 🙂

Sunday morning was spent doing much the same as Saturday morning – cleaning, a walk with Bosco, laundry.  I also made it to the gym (for the first time in several days!).

This afternoon, I went to get a much needed pedicure at a spa near my house.


The rest of the day was spent hanging out on the couch, reading, and we grilled up some more chicken sausage and onions for dinner, which we enjoyed on our back deck.

Now it is time to watch Shark Week and have a Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich.



Have a great night! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Weekend Things

  1. So glad that your Sister and Mom are safe and sound! That’s scary! Don’t you just love it when people bring you goodies from a trip?! Seriously…that candle…OMG! =) And super YAY for shark week…my fave week all summer! Hope you are having a good week!

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