Thursday Randomness

Hey guys!

Happy Thursday! It is almost the weekend AND I HAVE OFF OF WORK TODAY!   woohoo!

It is currently 5:45 AM (yes, I get up super early even on my days off! haha). I am about to head to the gym shortly for a quick workout and later this morning I have an appt. to get my hair done.

As I got ready to leave for work yesterday, Bosco got ready for his first nap of the day.


Today I get to live the life the Bosco a little and see what it is like to not have to go to work every day. 🙂

You would not believe how excited I was to find this at Target last weekend.


I actually have not tried it yet, but it is happening today! 🙂

After I get home from my appt. later today, my mom is going to come over and make dinner for Pat and I.  She asked what I wanted her to make and I decided on stuffed peppers.  I LOVE stuffed peppers but haven’t had them in forever so I am looking forward to it.  Oh, and she also may have bought a mocha cake and some custard cups for dessert. 🙂


#TRUTH    Am I right?? 🙂


Well, I am off to the gym.  Have a great day, guys!