Weekend Snapshots


I LOVE these! (GREAT purchase to have made right before my appt. right??!!)


Bosco on his way home from the groomer


found at a new Natural Market near my house


an awake and alert Shih Tzu is not necessary for a photo shoot to take place in this house


so handsome


new book


saw these in the store today – I didn’t get them, but maybe next week!


Chipotle take-out for dinner on Sat. night


sleepy boy


look at those skinny little legs


mmmm, coffee Oreo and cupcake ice cream with hot fudge and cake crunch


movies – I was not even sure what this movie was about (Pat wanted to see it), but I loved it. It was very funny and also quite sad at times, and I would definitely recommend it.

11 thoughts on “Weekend Snapshots

  1. Chipotleeeee!!! Yummmmm!! Btw I want to watch that movie! I was going this past weekend but changed my mind (I’m still going to though, looks like a nice one)

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