Bosco needs your suggestions

Hey guys!

Happy Tuesday and more importantly, Happy Fall!


As Halloween is quickly approaching, Bosco needs some suggestions for this year’s Halloween costume.  He has previously been a bee, lion, skunk, football player, monkey, and alligator.  Last night I tried to find pictures of all his previous costumes but I think many are saved on our old computer (and I was too lazy to look for them).




stylin’ in his denim jacket


in his tuxedo right before Pat and I got married  (He was so little!!)


in jeans and a hoodie


another picture of my boy in his jeans  .. I love this picture of him!


As for this year, I really don’t have any ideas of what Bosco should wear.  What do YOU think Bosco should be for Halloween??

Bosco will give all suggestions serious consideration. 🙂

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