Time for Bosco to do the dishes and other Saturday things

Hey guys!


This morning we had to take Bosco to the vet since he won’t stop biting his paws constantly due to his allergies. (He especially likes to do this a lot at 2 or 3 AM, which always makes for a fun night’s sleep!). After almost 2 hours and a $500 bill, the vet said to give him Benadryl 2 to 3 times a day and to wash his paws daily with blue Dawn dish detergent. There is a fairly new allergy medication for dogs that seemed to work for Bosco a while ago, but the vet said it is back ordered and she didn’t want to put him on any other type of medication because his liver levels were high. Maybe we will just have Bosco work off his vet bill by washing the dishes every night for us – he will be multitasking (taking care of his paws and chores all at the same time!). 🙂


After Bosco’s appt. at the vet, I went to get my nails done, while Pat went for a run.

We had lunch at home and then headed to Point Pleasant Boardwalk to walk around for a while. It was packed! You would have thought it was still the middle of the summer with the amount of people there.



We hit up the arcade for a bit as well. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I won all 3 games of Skee-Ball (and by quite a bit .. TOOT TOOT!!). 🙂

After the boardwalk, we stopped home to let Bosco out and hang out with him for a while.

The mail came while we were come and I was happy to see this baby had arrived.


I let Pat know he will now have a new nighly job of rubbing this on my feet. It smells so delicious!!!

Next up, we decided to hit up the driving range. Pat wants to start to play golf more (more meaning ever because we both never play) so we have went to the range a few weekends lately. Today I decided to just watch (and play photographer).




The range was right by a Walmart and we stopped there so I could look for a candle that I wanted. A girl from my work recently got a candle there that smells AMAZING and I NEEDED to get one for myself.


I am happy to say they had it (and I got the last one!). 🙂

Oh, I also spotted this on the way out and wanted to try them out since I have never seen this flavor before. I will report back with a review shortly.



We stopped at the food store on the way home and grilled up some filet mignon (for Bosco), steak (for Pat), and chicken (for me).



What did you do today?

Anything exciting going on tomorrow?

I am not sure what we are doing tomorrow (other than at 10 PM, at which time we will be watching Revenge).


I am so happy that Revenge is back tomorrow with a new season!


Have a great night! 🙂