Rest of the weekend recap

Hey guys!

So when we last talked, I was about to get my nails done.


When I got home from getting my nails done, we had lunch at home and then headed to the movies to see Gone Girl. We got to the movies and much to our disappointment, the movie was sold out .. as well as the next 3 showings of it!  We decided to drive to another movie theater and were thankfully able to see the movie (although not in nice, stadium recliner seats like the previous theater had!).  We both really liked the movie and I was glad we were still able to see it yesterday.

After the movie, we had dinner at a restaurant near our house. Pat had steak and mashed potatoes and I had shrimp and pasta in a cream sauce.  I may have also had some Creme Brulee for dessert.  I LOVE Creme Brulee and if a restaurant has it on their menu, I almost always feel the need to order it.


The rest of Saturday night was spent hanging out with Bosco on the couch and watching TV.


Sunday morning started out much like Saturday: a walk with Bosco and then bagels and coffee.

After breakfast, I baked some chicken breasts for dinner for next week.  Pat’s friend that lives over an hr. away from us happened to be in the area so him and his wife stopped by our house for a while. We sat around talking and catching up for a bit and then went out to a restaurant by our house to get some pizzas for lunch.

When we were done with lunch, we went home to get Bosco and then headed up to my mom’s house. We dropped Bosco off with my mom while Pat and I went with my sister to her new apartment. Her car was FILLED with stuff to take there.

Here are a few pictures from her new place:








After we unpacked the car load of stuff, we went back to my mom’s house for dinner. We had homemade raviolis from an Italian store near my mom’s house, penne with vodka sauce that my sister made, bread, and mocha cupcakes (also made by my sister).  I forgot to take ANY pictures of our dinner. You will just have to trust me that it was all delicious.

We hung out for a while after dinner and then headed home.

Pat and Bosco are currently hanging out on the couch while I write this post and as soon as I am done, it is time for Revenge.

Have a great night! 🙂


7 thoughts on “Rest of the weekend recap

  1. Awesome. The kitchen looks amazing, but those nails… How can you do anything with those? 😉 My mom used to get her nails down when I was little, and I couldn’t understand. Every time she sat down to the piano all you’d hear was “click-click-click.” Since I play too AND spend the rest of my life typing away at the computer, I think nails like that would kill me. I cheer anyone who can do them though.

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