Hair Advice Needed

Hey guys!

So I need some advice on what to do with my hair. Lately I have not been that happy with my hair.  I LOVE it when I first get it done, but the brown fades SO fast and starts to turn brassy and almost red.

Just some background for you guys : My natural color is a light brown.  I started getting highlights when I was in high school. I started with subtle blonde highlights (that were hardly even noticeable!) and gradually went lighter and lighter until I was eventually platinum blonde.  I had platinum blonde hair all through college and for about 10 years after I graduated from college.

About 2 years ago, I felt I was in need of a change and decided to get it colored dark brown.  Everyone told me it would be so much easier to keep up with than the blonde, but that hasn’t been the case at all. I don’t know if it is just because my hair was blonde for so long that it just doesn’t want to hold the darker color? Over the last 2 years, I have been able to hold the brown a little better over time, but within 2 weeks or so, the brown turns very brassy (while the blonde holds perfectly and still looks like it was just colored even after 5 weeks!). My hairstylist said my hair obviously just has a mind of its own and wants to be super blonde. 🙂

I have liked having my hair colored dark brown with thick blonde highlights because I feel like I get the best of both worlds and don’t have to make a decision to be one color or the other, but being that the brown does not hold very well, I am torn if I want to stay with this style or make a change.

So this is where you guys come in .. Do you have any (much needed) advice for me?

Here are a few pictures of me as a blonde :





Here are some recent pictures of me with brown hair and blonde highlights :





One idea I had is to stay with the brown as a base, but add a lot more blonde highlights (and maybe it will not look as brassy?). I found this picture as an example:



Help me!!!  What color do you think suits me better?


Thank you in advance for any advice you may have! 🙂

23 thoughts on “Hair Advice Needed

  1. I definitely think you look beautiful with your hair both ways and I really like the brown with the chunky blonde highlights. Having bleached your hair blonde has made it become more porous so that it doesn’t hold color very well. The ends of my hair always end up fading when I decide to do a darker color. I think having darker hair would end up being more maintenance for you because it’s going to fade easily. I am no professional but just talking from my experience. I guess if it were me in your situation I would go blonde pr do the brown with chunky blonde highlights. I am just keeping my hair blonde because it’s easier for me myself. I naturally have dark blonde hair am in need of some coloring myself lol. I hope I have somewhat helped lol. 🙂

  2. I absolutely love your hair color both ways! I think your idea of more highlights as opposed to full blonde to make it less brassy is great, because the brown base looks really nice with your skin tone.

  3. At one point I went super light with my hair too. After a few years I noticed it seemed to wash my facial features out. For me, being closer to my natural color looks best. It’s nice that it’s not a major upkeep either! If you want to keep it brown but hate that the color is turning brassy, it might be your shampoo and conditioner. Make sure it’s sulfate free and color safe. Also, there are a few brands out that are specifically for chemically treated brunettes. Hope that helps! 🙂

  4. You look so pretty; am envious!
    Anyway, I too have see-sawed between dark brown and blonde for years (I’m a natural blonde), and I’ve been lucky as my hair holds the color. This is probably an obvious one, but have you tried gradually ‘going up’ through the colors? I did this myself, and it worked for me. Perhaps try a very light but warm-toned brown, and then progress through until you get to that chocolate brown again?
    I like that Pinterest photo too; that looks beautiful. I think it would suit you 🙂
    Also you could try out John Frieda color shampoos (if they sell them where you are). I’ve always found these have been very good at maintaining coloured hair.
    Best of luck, whatever you decide to do 🙂 xx

    • awww, thank you!

      Yes, I made the change gradually and the ability to hold the color has improved over time, just not as much as I would like.

      I will have to look for the shampoo that you recommended.

      Thanks again for all your advice! 🙂

  5. I’m a brunette, but when I dye my hair, it pulls red also. I had an in depth talk with my stylist about it, and she said because we were going with warm colors, my hair was pulling the red, but if we switched to a cool tone brown, it wouldn’t pull that red. It was interesting because I always thought I had to go wth warm shades. So maybe you should talk to your stylist again about the shade she uses?

  6. I saw go back to all natural! Give your hair a break for the winter season and then maybe add some lighter highlights for the spring/summer? I know what you mean about wanting to change things up though 🙂 I’m going to chop several inches off my hair here in a couple of weeks. I just don’t think the long hair is flattering anymore. It’s scary to make a change (I’m so fickle) but it’s kind of fun to mix things up too. I’m sure whatever you chose will look great!

  7. You are definitely one of those people who can go both ways. As a cosmetologist I can tell you that if you have always had blonde hair or if you have bleached it before it will be hard to stay dark until all of that hair grows out. I love the last picture. I would do a light brown base and do some blonde and caramel highlights. I have been every color and I just feel like I need dark brown hair it’s just me. I don’t feel right with anything lighter than a chocolate.

  8. Hey girl:)! I just wanted you to know that I nominated you for the lovely blog award! ❤️ Hope you accept it, you deserve it! All the details are on my recent post if you wanna check it out!

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