Thursday Randomness

Hey guys!

How goes it?

I thought I would provide you guys with some necessary random updates on this fine Thursday.

Bosco had an appt. at the groomer this last weekend. Every time we are there, we notice the same dog hanging out behind the front desk. This last weekend, however, the dog was sitting on top of the desk and it looked so cute, I just had to take a picture.


Oh, and Bosco looked very cute as well. 🙂



Yesterday I went to get my wedding ring inspected and cleaned (I do this every 6 months), and I am glad I did because they found that the center stone was loose. My ring needed to be sent out to get fixed and should take about 2 weeks to come back.  I still have my wedding band, but my hands feel naked without it.  Pat will obviously just need to buy me another ring to fill the void for the next 2 weeks. 🙂


As you can see, I decided to get something a little different when I went to get my nails done last weekend.  What do you guys think?

When I looked online for ideas of something different to do with my nails, I found this picture and LOVE it.


It looks like it would be a lot of work though, and I don’t know if the girl that does my nails would be thrilled if I asked her to do it. 🙂

After I took my ring to get inspected, I decided to pop into Sephora since I was in the mall anyway.  I was able to limit myself to just one purchase and it was something I have wanted for a long time.


I smelled this as a sample in a magazine that I received and have wanted it ever since. I LOVE the smell of it. LOVE, I say.

Pat and I just booked a last minute trip to FL to see his parents.  We have not seen them in almost a year (they live in Florida) and they have been looking for us to come down for a while now. We are going to meet them in Fort Lauderdale and will be there for 4 nights right before Thanksgiving.


Well, I think that is about all I have for you lovely people today.


Have a great day!! 🙂



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