Hello from Florida


Pat and I arrived in Florida late last evening. It has been extremely windy all day and rained for part of the morning, but we still had a nice day walking around with Pat’s parents.

Happy Hour may also have taken place.


We’re back in the room now hanging out. I’m not sure what we’re doing later tonight but being that ice cream is a requirement on vacation, we may need to make that happen.

Have a great night!!!

Friday Questions

Could he be any cuter?? I honestly don’t think so!


Anyone else excited for this movie?


How awesome do you think this concert will be?  I say VERY and can’t wait for tickets to go on sale for the NJ show in August!



I look forward to hearing your answers to all the very important questions listed above. Just an FYI: if you answer that Bosco COULD be cuter than he already is, we can no longer speak. 🙂

Some things you need to know about my Saturday

I went to Target to get water and left with $100 worth of stuff … only necessities of course!


Bosco and I had a nice (and VERY chilly walk this morning).



I bought a caramel macchiato for my ride home from Target. In case anyone wants to know how it tasted, I sadly do not know as it is currently ALL OVER the middle section of my car (seat, carpet, buttons, you name it). I am total OCD about my car, so I am pretty sure I died a little inside after it happened.   ughhhhhhhh

My ring is back!!   woohoo   I have been without it for 2 weeks, so it is nice to have it back!



Now it is time to think about dinner and then I need to make some cake batter bars for my mom’s Birthday tomorrow.


Have a great night!! 🙂

Some things I am loving this week

Hey guys!

Did anyone watch the CMA’s on Wednesday night?  I did!

I LOVED Miranda Lambert & Meghan Trainor – All About That Bass!

I was so happy that Luke Bryan won CMA Entertainer of the Year!  LOVE him (ALMOST as much as Kenny Chesney)!



I LOVE rice pudding but can’t even remember the last time I had it .. until last week that is!


Pat makes fun of me for eating rice pudding because he said only old people like it, but I think it is DELICIOUS!


I saw this on Facebook yesterday and immediately shared it – so true!



Speaking of doggies, a post would not be complete without a picture of my favorite little doggie.



I think this watchdog may need to be fired since he did not even know I was in the house until I went to wake him up (after I was home for 10 minutes!). 🙂



Another HUGE LOVE for the week: this website!!!

PhotoFunia is the website that I used to put together my I always knew Bosco was model material post. (Although I absolutely think he COULD and SHOULD be a Shih Tzu model!) 🙂  Just be warned – the website is very addicting and you may spend hrs. and hrs. making awesome pictures (at least I did!!).

Here are a few of the other pictures I made using the website:








Well, I need to get ready to leave for a Dr. appt., so I will catch up with you lovely people later!


What are some things you are loving this week??