Some things I am loving this week

Hey guys!

Did anyone watch the CMA’s on Wednesday night?  I did!

I LOVED Miranda Lambert & Meghan Trainor – All About That Bass!

I was so happy that Luke Bryan won CMA Entertainer of the Year!  LOVE him (ALMOST as much as Kenny Chesney)!



I LOVE rice pudding but can’t even remember the last time I had it .. until last week that is!


Pat makes fun of me for eating rice pudding because he said only old people like it, but I think it is DELICIOUS!


I saw this on Facebook yesterday and immediately shared it – so true!



Speaking of doggies, a post would not be complete without a picture of my favorite little doggie.



I think this watchdog may need to be fired since he did not even know I was in the house until I went to wake him up (after I was home for 10 minutes!). 🙂



Another HUGE LOVE for the week: this website!!!

PhotoFunia is the website that I used to put together my I always knew Bosco was model material post. (Although I absolutely think he COULD and SHOULD be a Shih Tzu model!) 🙂  Just be warned – the website is very addicting and you may spend hrs. and hrs. making awesome pictures (at least I did!!).

Here are a few of the other pictures I made using the website:








Well, I need to get ready to leave for a Dr. appt., so I will catch up with you lovely people later!


What are some things you are loving this week??

16 thoughts on “Some things I am loving this week

  1. yes yes yes! Luke Bryan CMA Entertainer of the Year! Love him so much. And Miranda. She’s a badass chick I want as my friend.
    Great post. Definitely need to listen to more Kenny. Any song recommendations?

    • Kenny Chesney and Jason Aldean will be in concert together in August in NJ. I NEEEEDD to get tickets for that show as soon as they go on sale!!

      Some (of my many) favorite Kenny songs:

      Never Wanted Nothing More
      Don’t Happen Twice
      You and Tequila
      Anything but Mine

      • Oh wow. That’s quite the line up!

        I’ve heard you and tequila and I really like the song come over!

        I’m going to take a listen to those now. Thanks girl!

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