Some things you need to know about my Saturday

I went to Target to get water and left with $100 worth of stuff … only necessities of course!


Bosco and I had a nice (and VERY chilly walk this morning).



I bought a caramel macchiato for my ride home from Target. In case anyone wants to know how it tasted, I sadly do not know as it is currently ALL OVER the middle section of my car (seat, carpet, buttons, you name it). I am total OCD about my car, so I am pretty sure I died a little inside after it happened.   ughhhhhhhh

My ring is back!!   woohoo   I have been without it for 2 weeks, so it is nice to have it back!



Now it is time to think about dinner and then I need to make some cake batter bars for my mom’s Birthday tomorrow.


Have a great night!! 🙂