Some things you need to know about my Saturday

I went to Target to get water and left with $100 worth of stuff … only necessities of course!


Bosco and I had a nice (and VERY chilly walk this morning).



I bought a caramel macchiato for my ride home from Target. In case anyone wants to know how it tasted, I sadly do not know as it is currently ALL OVER the middle section of my car (seat, carpet, buttons, you name it). I am total OCD about my car, so I am pretty sure I died a little inside after it happened.   ughhhhhhhh

My ring is back!!   woohoo   I have been without it for 2 weeks, so it is nice to have it back!



Now it is time to think about dinner and then I need to make some cake batter bars for my mom’s Birthday tomorrow.


Have a great night!! 🙂

8 thoughts on “Some things you need to know about my Saturday

  1. Ooo that cereal looks nice! Pretty sure we don’t have it over here but you’ve inspird me to buy myself some nice cereal instead of the usual healthy option.

    Your rings are huge! Very impressive!

  2. Oh my gosh spilling coffee in the car – such a tragedy! Not only is that gross and hard to clean haha it’s so much $$$ for nothing! At least you got that amazing cereal – if I bought that it’d be gone in a day 🙂

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