Friday Questions

Could he be any cuter?? I honestly don’t think so!


Anyone else excited for this movie?


How awesome do you think this concert will be?  I say VERY and can’t wait for tickets to go on sale for the NJ show in August!



I look forward to hearing your answers to all the very important questions listed above. Just an FYI: if you answer that Bosco COULD be cuter than he already is, we can no longer speak. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Friday Questions

  1. Of course he can’t get any cuter! He’s pure cuteness!

    Oh yeah I am SO excited about the next Pitch Perfect film! Have you seen the trailer? If not go see it now!

    Can’t really comment on the country music I’m afraid! I’ve at least heard of Kenny Chesney though! 😊

    Have a great weekend!

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