Five Things Friday

Bosco was apparently not happy with the way I made the bed this morning, so while I was in the shower he decided to do it himself. He made sure to fluff up the comforter and sheets and clear most of his toys off the bed as well.




There is going to be a Whole Foods only 0.9 miles from my house soon. I am THRILLED that I will be able to go there whenever I want and not have to drive 30 mins. to the closest one anymore. What I am not thrilled about – that it will be built where my gym currently is.  Several weeks ago, I heard a rumor that my gym might close and last week I found out the rumor was true.  I am very, very upset.  Pat and I both loved everything about our gym (it was only $10 / month, less than a mile our house, and the atmosphere was awesome). The gym is going to close on 12/31/14, so we only have a few weeks to decide on a new one.


Remember how I said I was so excited about our new washing machine in my last post? Well said washing machine worked great for a total of TWO DAYS!!!  We got the machine delivered on Saturday and by Monday, it no longer worked.  I went to take a load of wash out of the machine to find the clothes covered in suds and still very, very wet.  Several loads of wash have been done since, and most resulted in the same thing – lots of suds and the need to rinse and spin the load again. We are scheduled to have a new one delivered tomorrow, but I am concerned we could have the same problems with it since I read many reviews of the machine online that voiced the same situation as we had. We shall see.





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I love Luke Bryan and need to see him in concert one day very soon.  How awesome is this video??


Well, that is all I have to share with you fine people today.  I came down with a horrible cold or sinus infection earlier this week and have felt like crap. I see a lot of tea, couch time, and resting in my weekend.

Have a great weekend! 🙂

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