The Weekend

Hey guys!

How was your weekend?

Friday night after work Pat and I just had dinner and lounged around the house with the Shih Tzu.


On Saturday Pat had a class to attend for 1/2 the day. He is a CPA and needs to take a certain amount of CPE credits every year to maintain his license. I took Bosco for a walk (a FREEEEZING cold walk, might I add) and then went food shopping after Pat left for the morning.  After food shopping, I took a shower, had breakfast, read some blogs while sipping my coffee, did some laundry, and then headed to Target for a few things.

While I was at Target, I spotted this and decided to give it a try since my skin is super dry right now from the cold.


Even if it doesn’t do much for my skin, I think it smells awesome.  I will let you guys know what I think after I have used it for a few days.

I also picked up some of my favorite protein bars since they were on sale for $5.00 / box.


I started a new book while Pat was at class.


After Pat got home, we hung out for a bit and then went to the movies to see Taken 3.


We both liked the movie and thought it was action packed.

When we got home from the movies, we decided to get take-out for dinner. We got an order of homemade pretzel sticks with cheese dip and some pizza.



This morning Bosco and I went for another chilly walk. When we got back, I informed Pat that he needed to take me out for breakfast. 🙂

I had a S’mores hot chocolate and cornbread french toast. Both were very, very delicious.



When we got home from breakfast, I took a shower and did some laundry while Pat went to the gym.

FYI – While I didn’t go to the gym at all this weekend, I did go every single morning last week (quite proud of myself!). 🙂

Most of the afternoon was spent just lounging around the house and I got a bit further in my new book. We had the rest of the pizza that we still had left from dinner last night, as well as quite a few snacks (oops!).

We went out to dinner to a restaurant near our house. I had onion soup and a grilled chicken salad.



Now we are on the couch watching TV. I am already tired but am going to try to stay up for Revenge later tonight.

Have a great night!! 🙂


14 thoughts on “The Weekend

  1. can’t wait for the update on the dove!! I think I may have to get myself some this week ! 🙂

    Yum, omg that pizza and those pretzel sticks look amazing!!

    lucky pup!!! I ventured out with my pup and also went for a long, frigid walk. My poor fingers and toes were numb!!!

    what genre is the book you are currently reading?

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