Some things I did this week


hit the weights


logged some miles on the treadmill


spotted this container of deliciousness and NEEDED to buy it


kissed this face lots and lots


picked up a new to me Greek yogurt to try out – I love anything caramel so I will let you know what I think of it soon!


laughed at this after I saw it on Peanut Butter Fingers this AM!  LOVE me some leggings!! 🙂

Oh, and no picture to share but after my super exciting Fri. night of giving Bosco a bath and going food shopping, I also had the pleasure of cleaning out lip gloss spilled ALL OVER the bottom of my purse.  It seems that the cap of a lip gloss from Express came off and every bit of lip gloss was spread over everything in my purse. It looked and felt like a bottle of maple syrup was dripped throughout my purse. It was fun to clean up, that’s for sure!!! ughhhhhhh

On that note, have a great night (it has to be better than the last hr. of mine!!)! 🙂


8 thoughts on “Some things I did this week

  1. Haha, i actually never wear leggings as pants, but I love that quote! Wish people would just get over the fact that people can wear what they want

  2. Oh no! Sounds like the lip gloss scenario was a nightmare!! Can’t think of anything worse to clean than your handbag! It sucks when you spill stuff in it huh?

    HAha loved the leggings quote – I don’t wear them myself – I’m a jeans gal! 😉

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