Life Lately (per my iPhone)


lots of salads for dinner


lots of snow in NJ


FAVORITE Birthday gift from my husband .. eekk – can’t wait!!!!!!


more gifts from my hubby


my cutie


another gift from Pat


also given to me by my husband


I love this boy.


free Birthday drink


Birthday dinner – Cobb salad


Birthday dinner – penne with vodka sauce


Birthday dinner – caramel brownie with ice cream




16 thoughts on “Life Lately (per my iPhone)

  1. i love your post! ITs filled with all the things I love!! Im so excited to read Girl on The Train! ITs on my list!! Hav eyou started it yet?

    Yum, all of those salads and meals!!! Are you more North Jersey? (Im near Philly)

    I am SO TIRED of this snow. SO TIRED SOT IREDDDDDD 😦

    Love that pup!! Such a camera lover! ❤

    • I am so tired of the snow too! I wasn’t sure if we were still going to be able to go out to dinner last night for my birthday, since we got another 6 inches or so. ughhh

      I haven’t started the book yet but I have heard so much about it and can’t wait to read it!

      I live at the Jersey Shore (in Spring Lake Heights), so not too far from you I would think. 🙂

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