Snow Day

Hey guys!

So we got LOTS more snow (about 9 inches) here in NJ, and I actually had the day off of work.


While I was happy to have the day off, I still did lots of work.

Right after Pat left for work, I decided to give Bosco a bath. Even though it was snowing, I like to give him a bath once a week and he was due for one.


all nice and clean!

I shoveled for about 1 1/2 hrs. this AM and then another 1/2 hr. a little while ago. That snow is no joke! It was so heavy – I am exhausted!!! Not only do we have to shovel the front steps, walkway, driveway, etc., but King Bosco needs a big section of grass done as well or he won’t go to the bathroom. I honestly would have rather been at work today!

I will let you know if the King approved of the job I did. As you can see, Bosco was very busy as well while I was outside. 🙂


I am now about to sit my booty on the couch and catch up on more of Season 3 of The Killing with Bosco. I think a hot chocolate may be necessary as well!