Snow Day

Hey guys!

So we got LOTS more snow (about 9 inches) here in NJ, and I actually had the day off of work.


While I was happy to have the day off, I still did lots of work.

Right after Pat left for work, I decided to give Bosco a bath. Even though it was snowing, I like to give him a bath once a week and he was due for one.


all nice and clean!

I shoveled for about 1 1/2 hrs. this AM and then another 1/2 hr. a little while ago. That snow is no joke! It was so heavy – I am exhausted!!! Not only do we have to shovel the front steps, walkway, driveway, etc., but King Bosco needs a big section of grass done as well or he won’t go to the bathroom. I honestly would have rather been at work today!

I will let you know if the King approved of the job I did. As you can see, Bosco was very busy as well while I was outside. 🙂


I am now about to sit my booty on the couch and catch up on more of Season 3 of The Killing with Bosco. I think a hot chocolate may be necessary as well!

12 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. Whoa you guys got a ton of snow!!! I know the struggle of shoveling so I hope you don’t have to shovel anymore. Bosco looks so cute in all of his pictures xoxo Janet

  2. We got so much snow in Maryland, probably 8-10″ The kids of course are so happy there’s no school today and tomorrow. We’re actually going up to NJ this weekend to visit my in laws. We use to live up in NJ, I’m wondering if the roads will be any good by Saturday.

  3. Hi, we received the same if not more and hubby and I were out twice today, he is up resting his back as I won’t feel the hurt until tomorrow. I do hope that this is the end of it!

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