Some randomness for your Thursday

Hey guys!

Long time no talk, huh? I really can’t say I have all that much to share with you – life has pretty much been the same old, same old. I still just wanted to pop in and say hi though! 🙂

I shared this picture of Bosco on Instagram the other day.  Isn’t he the cutest?!


I ordered this everything bagel spice last week and have used it on eggs, veggies, and salad so far .. it has already become one of my favorite spices EVER. SO delicious!!


I can’t wait to try it on shrimp and chicken!

Last weekend I made some cake batter bars.


These have been my go to dessert to bake for the last year or so. If you have never made them, you need to change that immediately. Trust me.

One day last week I got pulled over for talking on my cell phone. I know I shouldn’t have been on it and I really don’t talk on it too often when I drive. The cop informed me that talking on a cell phone while driving results in a ticket of $200 – $400 and a mandatory court appearance. (yikes!!!) The cop thankfully did not give me a ticket for this, but instead gave me one for an obstructed view (for a car air freshener that I had hanging). He obviously did it to let me off easy (the ticket resulted in a fine of $56 and no court appearance needed), but I was still really upset that I got pulled over at all. Oh well, live and learn. I can say that I haven’t talked on my phone while driving since! 🙂

The next day my sister thought it would be funny to post this on my Facebook wall.


I, however, did not find it to be all that funny at the time. 🙂


And just for laughs ..







Have a great day, guys!! 🙂





6 thoughts on “Some randomness for your Thursday

  1. Lisa,
    You have been doing lot of thing these days. Experiments with cooking .. Huh..
    Good to know. And yeah for the sake of your safety please don’t use mobile while driving

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