Bosco is coming home today! :-)

Thank you all for your comments and thoughts for Bosco yesterday. 🙂

The surgery went well. The Dr. said Bosco’s ear was actually a lot worse than he thought it was and the surgery absolutely had to be done. He said due to this, the risk for infection is a lot higher. He won’t have any hearing in his left ear but will be able to sense vibrations. Bosco had to stay there last night and was on morphine for pain.

The Dr. just called a few mins. ago and said Bosco ate for them and seemed comfortable so they feel comfortable sending him home later today. (Bosco will not be happy to find out he will also be leaving with a cone that he will need to wear for 2 weeks.)

I am just so glad we took him to the Dr. yesterday so that he can start to feel better. Bosco has always had ear infections (I don’t think he ever went longer than a month without one), but this time was much different. He started to scream if we even walked by his left ear .. sometimes from 2 feet away .. because he was scared that we were going to bump into it or touch it. He screamed when the Dr. just lifted his ear to look at it yesterday. It was so sad.

Thank you all again for thinking of Bosco. 🙂



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