Pool Party ready

Hey guys!

It is now a week out from Bosco’s surgery and he is already feeling SO much better. He only has another 2 days of antibiotics and another week left to wear his cone. He has an appt. next weekend for a follow-up with his surgeon.


We love this “cone” that we found for him at the pet store. I never knew there were any other options than the typical cone that dogs sometimes have to wear. A few people suggested the type seen in the picture and although it is still a little hard for Bosco to sleep comfortably, it is so much more comfortable than a regular cone (but yet still prevents him from scratching his stitches). I highly recommend it!


I am so happy that Bosco is on the mend.  He’s our baby and we want him to be happy and comfortable.


Summer is coming up and it seems Bosco’s cone will be able to double as a life jacket. So if anyone is having a pool party, Bosco said he is willing and able to be there. 🙂

I am off to get my nails done soon and later today I am going with Pat to pick up his race packet for a half marathon he is going to run tomorrow.


Picture of Pat and my sister from last year’s run. My sister ditched Pat this year so Pat will be on his own.

Feel free to send him words of encouragement for tomorrow and I will send them along to Pat. 🙂

Talk to you guys later!

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