See you later, Eric Church

Hey guys!

How goes it?  Happy Saturday! 🙂

I actually just got home from the gym.  I know, I can hardly believe it myself. 🙂  I do go to the gym several days / week, but I almost never go on the weekend.

Anything exciting going on this weekend? Pat and I are just getting things done around the house and later tonight we are going to an Eric Church concert.


We saw him one other time in concert when he was on tour with Kenny Chesney, but I didn’t really know / like him all that much at the time. Now I LOVE him .. he is definitely one of my favorites, right next to Kenny and Luke Bryan.  I can’t wait … it should be fun! 🙂

Tomorrow we have to take Bosco back to the Dr. for his follow-up from his surgery.  After the Dr., we are going out to brunch with my mom, sister, and her boyfriend to celebrate my sister’s birthday.

Have a great weekend, guys!!

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