Some Weekend Snapshots


new microwave


I love our new oven! Our old one broke (from me cooking way TOO much, obviously!). I will have to be careful not to make the same mistake with this one. (wink wink) 🙂


When Yasso is on sale, I stock up!  These have been my nightly snack for the last few weeks.


new book


my husband has had this shirt for MANY, MANY years (hence why it is a WEE bit too small!)


Pat, my sister, and her boyfriend, Nick


grilled chicken salad


me and the hubby – picture taken about 2 seconds after I told my sister NOT to take my picture 🙂


my love


made chicken for the week

9 thoughts on “Some Weekend Snapshots

  1. i have that microwave! and i’m definitely using it a lot since i broke my oven too! it died on the 4th, of all days! at least it wasn’t thanksgiving, hehe.

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